Green: Kids Can Be Super Natural!

Today's parents understand by now the benefits of choosing organic or all-natural products when it comes to feeding their kids. But what about dressing them? Fibers like organic cotton, hemp and soybean are an ecofriendly answer to conventionally produced cotton, which, says Chip Giller, founder of the environmental-news Web, is responsible for 25 percent of the world's insecticide use. Here are some companies that focus on Earth-friendly products for kids.

Positively Organic sells stylish, colorful togs like T shirts and onesies that are made from cotton grown by an organic-farming community in India. Its infant and toddler varsity tees feature a variety of earthy prints like rabbits and butterflies ($24 to $26; Happy Green Bee, started by one of the founders of Burt's Bees personal-care products, offers "gender free" organic-cotton clothing in bright, bold stripes (cardigan, $32; leggings, $18; Hemp fiber is another material that is kind to the environment: hemp grows fast and densely and is naturally resistant to most insects, making pesticides unnecessary. Soul Flower sells hemp skirts, starting at size 2T, for $20 ( JoMamaCo's hemp products include ponchos and sandals ($34 and$20, respectively; Babysoy's products are made with soybean fiber, which comes from renewable natural resources. Its two-toned kimono tops and T shirts (starting at $11; will make your little one happy to be green.