Logan Brothers Sex Tape Leak: Hackers Allegedly Post Their Father's Private Videos

Greg Paul, father of YouTubers Logan and Jake, has allegedly had his email and Twitter accounts hacked. Twitter account "e_lords" has been posting content found inside Paul's AOL email address, including sexually explicit photos of women and a sex tape.

The photos were blurred and the three sex tape clips don't show any faces, so there's no actual evidence that this leak actually features the Paul patriarch. Twitter sleuths claim that the headboard and bed appearing in the sex tape can also be found in an Instagram post by Greg.

An email supposedly sent by Pamela Ann Stepnick, mother of Logan and Jake Paul, has also been posted by e_lords. The email address in the post is the same one she's shared with fans on Twitter, but can also be easily faked. "Everyday you hear of famous people and their family secrets," the letter says. "Let's keep closeness and support of each other first and foremost... Both of you could use more maturity in how you treat women better, but hopefully maturity will assist in that."

Keemstar, owner of the DramaAlert YouTube channel and internet newsmonger, posted about the leak, sharing it to a much larger audience.

Greg Paul Sex Tape was leaked today. I’m going to talk about it on #DramaAlert tomorrow.

— KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) September 15, 2018

It's been a controversial week for the Paul family. Instagram model Selina Christoforou has allegedly posted messages sent by Jake Paul, asking to fly her out to Miami while still dating Erika Costell. The messages could have easily been faked and there's no proof outside of these leaked messages that this ever happened.

"E_Lord" did not respond to Newsweek by publication time.