'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15: Amelia's Potential Date With Dr. Link and Everything Else Happening on Episode 3

Love is on the MRI for Dr. Amelia Shepard on Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy, and lots of it.

Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) recently rekindled the flame with her estranged husband, Dr. Owen Hunt, but that's not stopping another one of Grey Sloan Memorial doctors from vying for her affection. A new sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Grey's teased an awkward encounter between Amelia and the hospital's newest staff member, Dr. Link, otherwise known as the "Ortho God."

Link, played by newcomer Chris Carmack, makes a move on Amelia in the clip for episode 3, titled, "Gut Feeling," and claims he wants to pick her brain about nerve graft transfers but there's a catch: He wants to gauge her expertise at 8 p.m., tonight, over dinner, possibly Italian.

"Are you asking me out?" Amelia asks Link in the sneak peek released by E! on Thursday.

"I am," he replies.

A stunned expression flashes across Amelia's face and it becomes pretty obvious Link's caught her off guard with his proposition. "I don't even know you," she says.

Of course, Link has a solution for that. "Well, we could fix that. I heard you like Italian and I know a great new spot," Link says.

His efforts to impress her with his undercover digging into her interests backfire though, and Amelia, in a rather snappy tone, responds: "I'm sorry, you heard? Heard where?"

Amelia and Link's potentially budding romance isn't the only love connection in store in the upcoming episode though. When Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) checks on a new patient, who just so happens to be a matchmaker, just about everyone's relationships will be put to the test.

"Meredith works on a patient who happens to specialize in matchmaking and a seemingly drunk patient pushes Richard's buttons and gives him a medical mystery to solve. Meanwhile, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) tries to reach Teddy (Kim Raver) after bearing the burden of her secret becomes overwhelming as she struggles with issues in her own personal life," the episode synopsis read.

Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.