Groom Carries Bride Across Flooded River on Their Way Home From Wedding

After finally tying the knot, a groom and his bride in Bihar, India, jumped in a boat and started their journey home. But when the river flooded, causing their boat to get stuck in the sand, the groom decided he would carry his bride across the river.

According to the Tribune, the Kankai river separates the groom's home of the Palsa village from where the ceremony was held. But without a bridge by which to travel, the bride, groom and several other relatives planned to travel home by boat after the ceremony. After the boat got stuck, however, the groom was forced to find an alternate way to travel.

"We had no other option but to travel from [the] boat to [a] dry place on the bank of [the] river," the groom said according to the Tribune. "So I immediately decided to travel the distance carrying her on my shoulder."

Indian Express reported that a video capturing the event quickly made the rounds online. While some commented that the gesture was romantic, others felt it was an incident that should have been avoided altogether.

"The bridge on Kankai river near Singimari was proposed some 10 years back," Rahul Singh, a groom's relative said according to the Tribune. "The people of Kishanganj and adjoining districts are forced to use boats to cross the river. The state government is callous.

"This incident is an example of development of Bihar claimed by the Nitish Kumar government," he continued. "Road connectivity to most of the villages adjoining to rivers are cut off from the rest of the state. Hence, [a] boat is the only option for us. Such a situation is arising in almost every place affected by the monsoon flood."

According to multiple outlets, the lack of bridges, as well as the frequent collapsing of them, has been a recurring problem in India. An article in India Today claimed that more than 100 bridges collapsed in India between 2013 and 2018, resulting in the death of about 200 people. In 2017, 40 bridges in Bihar alone were assessed as needing immediate attention.

The outlet also claimed that, in one case, a collapse in Bihar was blamed on a flood. As stated in an engineer's report obtained by India Today, "bridges in India are designed to withstand 50 floods whereas it is 150 in the developed countries."

But monsoon floods are frequent in India. Each year, months of heavy rainfall caused rivers to overflow, which result in not only bridge collapses, but also the destruction of homes and even fatalities. Traveling by boat during this season can be dangerous, which is why people felt that the groom carrying his bride was more upsetting than romantic.

In May, Times of India reported that Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked officials of the Road Construction Department to expedite the construction of nine bridges over the Ganga river, another river located within the state.

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A groom in India was forced to carry his bride across a flooded river after their boat got stuck in the sand. This event, says locals, is a result of the area's poor infrastructure. SAM PANTHAKY / Contributor/Getty