Groom's 'Epic Entrance' to Wedding Amazes Internet

A bride's entrance on her wedding day is usually the peak of the ceremony—all eyes are on her as she floats down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous white gown.

However, bride Iolanda Araújo had a tough act to follow because the groom, whose name is Adriano DiMulo, put on quite a show as he headed for the altar.

In footage uploaded to TikTok by Araújo, we can see DiMulo being carried down the aisle on the shoulders of four men while sitting on a chair.

He is wearing a three-piece suit, and is bobbing to the music as he waves at the crowds, with the song "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg blasting through speakers.

There are also two men in front and they are all, including the groom, wearing sunglasses on the journey to his nuptials down the rose petal-covered aisle, which is flanked with guests on white chairs on a sunny day.

Text overlaying the clip reads: "Watch my husbands epic entrance at our wedding."

Araújo captioned the impressive video, which can be watched here, writing: "Epic entrance or what? #weddingtiktok #weddingday #noivas2021 #noivas #casamentohumor #weddingideas #romance."

The video, which was shared on the app on July 31, has so far been viewed a whopping 15.2 million times and amassed 1.9 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the exciting entrance.

One TikTok user, Vegeta Cult, wrote: "Only real friends would hold you like that at your wedding."

Another person, babymosasikulot50505050, added: "Me and the homies if one of us get married."

S I R I U S revealed: "I'm so sorry at first I thought that was a puppet."

Louie typed: "If my husband's wedding entrance ain't that way then I don't want it."

User8827129344079 joked: "Tell me you're a leo without telling me you're a leo."

Atake Jr asked: "Top 10 legendary wedding entrances?"

Skyte commented: "Man had to do it with da boys."

DiMulo also wrote a message of thanks to his new wife, gushing: "Shout out to the best wife in the world for letting me do this epic entrance."

To this, Araújo then responded: "Love you so much babe."

Another surprising wedding moment that recently went viral showed a man turning around on his wedding day to find someone wearing a mid-length white dress, a net veil, and clutching a bouquet of flowers.

However, this was not his wife-to-be looking beautiful, but instead the best man dressed up as her.

The footage, posted to TikTok by account @raphipineda, is captioned: "When the groom thinks it's gonna be a first look but it's actually the best man #surprise."

Newsweek have contacted Araújo for comment.

Groom before a wedding
A file photo of a groom preparing for his wedding. On TikTok, a man was carried down the aisle by his friends, while a rap song played. Getty Images