Groom Suggesting Bride Not Invite Her Autistic Sister to Wedding Ceremony Sparks Fury

A soon-to-be-married man has earned the wrath of the internet after expressing concerns about inviting his bride's autistic teenage sister to their wedding.

According to the CDC, as of 2020, an estimated 5,437,988 adults in the U.S. had autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A condition that can affect communication, behavior, and interactions with others, the CDC found that while roughly 31 percent of people with ASD have intellectual disabilities, around 46 percent are of average or above-average intelligence.

Despite this, people with autism continue to face prejudice in their everyday lives.

This was aptly demonstrated in a new post shared to Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" subreddit by a bride-to-be detailing her future husband's unfounded reservations about inviting her younger sister to their nuptials.

"My 15 year old sister Nikki is autistic," she explained. "She used to have meltdowns and behavioral problems, but she hasn't had those kinds of issues since she was like five."

"She is a responsible kid, she is often left home alone, and she sometimes babysits for some of their neighbors," she added. "She is very excited about my wedding, and I never considered that there'd be any issue."

According to the post, which has racked up over 10,000 upvotes and comments, despite the fact Nikki has been to "other weddings and big events before" the bride's fiancé, James, thinks "accommodations" need to be in place that would see her excluded from the ceremony.

The bride said that even though James has known Nikki for three years prior to their engagement without any incident, he has told her he is "concerned that she might have a meltdown during the ceremony."

She acknowledged that while her younger sister "has more anxiety than average" she does not see how any of those feelings would come to the fore at the wedding. "Just because certain things make her worried or upset doesn't mean she'll have a meltdown at a totally unrelated event," she said.

The bride challenged her fiancé on his claims, arguing that by his logic "all guests would have to fill out a questionnaire beforehand" to make sure they aren't feeling anxious or stressed. But he rebuffed this argument, saying this was "different."

His stance was made all the more bizarre by the fact he has spent time, temporarily, in a wheelchair, where he had become frustrated at people constantly trying to help him do things, having assumed he was incapable.

Things came to a head when he then insisted she speak to her parents about making special arrangements for her sister. When the bride rejected this idea, explaining it would upset her family and offend her sister, her fiancé refused to back down, telling her it's "his wedding too so he should get input."

With the situation at something of an impasse and Nikki in danger of being excluded from her sister's big day, the bride-to-be turned to the internet for support and duly found it in plentiful supply.

EnthusiasticStoner accused the groom of "clear and offensive ableism and bigotry" while comin_up_shawt branded him a "piece of work" and urged the bride to call off the wedding. "Imagine if she herself became disabled? He'd divorce her in a hot minute because 'she needed too many accommodations,'" they wrote.

TheHatOnTheCat highlighted another potential issue in the future. "If you have children with him they could be autistic. There is a genetic/family component," they said. "Do they really deserve a dad who will treat them this way?"

Auntiepink also expressed concern about what this could mean for the bride's sister once her parents have passed away. "What will James do then? Suggest institutionalization?" they asked.

KotaCakes630 said that aside from possibly offering noise cancelling headphones and money for an Uber, there was no reason to treat the bride's sister differently. "Disabled does not equal incapable," they said. "It's important to remind people of that sometimes."

Of course, this isn't the first time discrimination has tainted what is supposed to be a happy family occasion like a wedding.

One bride-to-be earned the ire of the internet after asking for her sister's disabled husband to be left out of her wedding photos. By contrast, one soon-to-be-married woman was backed online after asking that her severely autistic sister be left out of her nuptials.

A bride and groom arguing.
Stock image of a bride and groom arguing - a soon-to-be-married man has garnered criticism over the treatment of his future wife's sister. Jupiterimages/Getty