Twitch Streamer Gross Gore Gets into Physical Altercation at RuneFest

Over the weekend, Ali Larsen, better known as streamer Gross Gore, got into a physical altercation with another content creator. The streamer made famous for his League of Legends Twisted Fate play got into an altercation at RuneFest in London, a convention for the video game Runescape, with fellow streamer Elliot "Skiddler."

Regarding an altercation that occurred between me and Gross Gore on Saturday evening. I've written a statement as there are false rumours circulating.

— Elliot (@Skiddler) October 8, 2018

"I had heard from various women that were at (RuneFest) that Gross Gore had made sexual, inappropriate remarks to them, which made them feel incredibly uncomfortable," a statement by Skiddler said. Rachel, HellCath on Twitter, said that Gross Gore was being " horrificly (sic) sleazy to any girl he could," made comments about her breasts and tried to grab her arm. Another incident was captured on video and posted by han1jacqui on Twitter, showing Gore trying to kiss a girl —even though his fiance and baby were at the event.

Skiddler approached Gross Gore, pulled him aside and asked him to apologize for making Rachel feel uncomfortable. Skiddler claims Gross Gore shouted "are you really going to f*king white knight this stupid bitch?" At this point, a crowd had gathered, including Gross Gore's friends. Pushing led to shoving, and Skiddler was "thrown into the side of a car" according to his statement. Footage of the fight was captured online, though it's hard to see who is involved.

"I was taken to the side by the police, who let me go back into the hotel and I believe Gross Gore and his friends were escorted off the premises by police," Skiddler wrote.

Gross Gore shared his side of the story on a stream. "If you know me, you know I can come across the wrong way to those that don't," a teary-eyed Gore said. "I feel like I'm a target because I've been involved with drama in the past." Gore claims that Skiddler approached saying "Ali, I want to have a word with you" which "if you're British, is not good." Gore claims he was not the aggressor and Skiddler was "looking to fight" him to create drama and become a more popular streamer.

Gore does admit to pushing Skiddler's younger brother Alex, but it was because "he and his friend wanted to fight." Gore continues to assert he is the victim in this story, while also assigning blame to Rachel.

"She was wearing a really revealing top, that's great we live in 2018 and wear whatever you want," Gore said. "But if you're going to wear something so revealing people will comment on it, that's life. If I drove around in a Ferrari, people are going to comment on it, that's just the way people are and I apologize if the woman took offense."

Gore has a long history of controversy as a streamer, and has been banned on Twitch multiple times. He's called League of Legends personality Krepo a pedophile, tried to sell his sister's virginity and refused to give donation money promised to his mother. Gross Gore is one of the most controversial streamers on Twitch, a title he isn't going to lose anytime soon.

Jagex shared this statement about the incident:

Jagex is conducting an internal investigation following reports of unacceptable behaviour from RuneFest attendees. We enforce a strict code of conduct for everyone attending RuneFest, and take any matters concerning harassment or threats of any kind very seriously.

Gross Gore did not respond to Newsweek for comment.