Grounded: How to Get Gold Cards

Creature Cards can be a very effective mechanic in Grounded. These collectible items basically work as a bestiary for creatures in Grounded, as such, you'll want to update your Creature Cards by PEEPing critters as often as possible.

One handy thing, too, is that sometimes if you PEEP a creature enough, you can earn a Gold Creature Card. Gold Cards provide the same information as the regular Creature Cards; however, they look more illustrious while providing that information. As such, many players have made it a goal to collect them all. Unfortunately, collecting these Gold Cards isn't easy.

Players need to PEEP a creature using X on the PC or Y on the Xbox controller to collect a Gold Card. When done, animals and creatures will have a very small chance to provide a Gold Card upon PEEPing them. This makes PEEPing the primary way to get access to Gold Cards.

Grounded  spiders
PEEPing creatures in Grounded will reward players with Creature Cards, and sometimes if they're lucky, Gold Cards. Obsidian Entertainment

However, PEEPing can be time-consuming, and since the chance isn't 100 percent, you can PEEP a creature for minutes only to never receive a Gold Card. Thankfully, there's another way to get your hands on these rare Creature Cards.

The only way to get Gold Cards outside of PEEPing is to loot them from the creatures' corpses. But, these chances are still very low. For example, ordinary creatures only provide a one percent chance to drop a Gold Card when you loot their corpse. So, unless you play on mindlessly farming them for hours, you might be waiting a bit to get your hands on the Gold Card.

Boss creatures provide a 10 percent chance to drop a Gold Card when looting their corpse, and the minibosses in the game will always drop a Gold Card when killing it. This is because they can only be killed one time in each save file.

Ultimately, unlock all of the Gold Cards for the Creature Card collection isn't going to be an easy feat. But, if you learn how to tame Aphids, stock up on essential materials like the Weed Stem, and even learn how to build a base by building Grass Floors, then you'll have all the defenses and mobility that you need to go around PEEPing all the critters and farming for Gold Cards.

The biggest recommendation here is to expect the journey to take a while, and work on it in your spare time while also progressing through the game in other ways.