Grounded Teen Tweets From Smart Fridge, Thousands Tweet #FreeDorothy

Confiscation of all electronics devices did not deter a teenage girl from connecting with her online followers. She managed to tweet to them via a device her mother could not lock away: their smart fridge.

Dorothy, a teenager who runs a fan account dedicated to Ariana Grande, managed to keep her followers updated after she was grounded on August 4.

It started with one tweet in which she announced she would not be able to come online, because her mom had taken her phone.

im leaving forever. my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye. #ACNL

— dorothy 🏹 (@thankunext327) August 5, 2019

However, the online detox enforced by Dorothy's mother was short-lived. She found another way to stay online. The teenager started using a Nintendo DS to check her Twitter account but was quickly caught, much to her followers' dismay. Her mother posted that Dorothy's accounts would be deleted shortly after.

I seen that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now.

— dorothy 🏹 (@thankunext327) August 5, 2019

A day later, the Ariana Grande fan found a third device. From her Nintendo Wii, she posted a picture with the text, "Hello my mom took my phone and my Nintendo DS so I have no choice but to use my Wii. Thank u for all the support and love. i will answer my dms and follow back when i have a stable connection to Twitter."

What was truly ingenious was Dorothy's last-ditch attempt to stay online. Using her smart fridge, she tweeted that her mother had confiscated all her electronics on August 8.

I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again.

— dorothy 🏹 (@thankunext327) August 8, 2019

Following this, the #FreeDorothy went viral. With thousands writing in support of the teenage girl, including Twitter's official account posting #FreeDorothy.

"i love you dorothy. next thing we know, you're tweeting from your radiator or fridge," a follower tweeted.


Dorothy's phone was confiscated when she burnt the stove while boiling rice because she was distracted by her phone. "So my mom took all my tech so I'd pay more attention to my surroundings," she told CBS in an interview on Wednesday.

The teenager claims her followers have increased from 500 to over 30,000 since her story went viral.

According to a Guardian report, Dorothy did not answer questions regarding how long she will be grounded. "I may be late to reply, as it is difficult to find something to use Twitter," she said in an interview on Wednesday.

Till then followers keep tweeting #FreeDorothy.

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