'GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners' Update Adds Collectible Music Tracks

GTA Online's "Los Santos Tuners" update has now launched, with most of its content themed around a new underground car meet. However, the expansion has also introduced different ways for you to listen to music while you are behind the wheel.

What Is the 'Los Santos Tuners' Update?

"Los Santos Tuners" is the latest expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. The main attraction for this sizable update is the new "LS Car Meet," a graffitied warehouse where players can get together and show off their personalized rides.

This has been one of the most requested features from the GTA Online community for some time, and finally provides a combat-free environment for motorheads to admire each other's automobiles without fear of being harassed by random players. In the ceasefire zone, like-minded pacifists can hang out, mod their vehicles together, and take unreleased cars for a spin on a high-octane test track.

In addition to the car meet, the "Los Santos Tuners" update also adds new street races, extra shops, 10 imported vehicles (with seven more planned for the future), "prize ride" challenges, and robbery contracts.

'Los Santos Tuners' Makes Big Changes to 'GTA Online's' Music

While most of the content here is related to the LS Car Meet, "Los Santos Tuners" does implement some changes to how you consume music in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Previous expansions have added to the game's existing track list and even enlisted the talents of new DJs, but this particular update represents a more significant overhaul. For a start, it introduces a feature that allows you to customize your radio wheel and bookmark your favorite stations for instant access to them while you are driving.

Further helping you personalize your listening experience, "Los Santos Tuners" also grants you the ability to curate brand-new tunes that can be found in the game world itself. To build up this playlist, you will need to hunt down media sticks that have been scattered across the map in hidden locations, so that you can later blast them from your car speakers.

One of these collectables is "Kenny's Backyard Boogie Mix," which compiles exclusive hip-hop, soul and house tracks. Featured artists here include Channel Tres, Nez, Jesse Johnson (the guitarist from Prince's former band, The Time) and Moodymann, who also appears as a quest giver in the game itself.

Elsewhere, you should also be on the lookout for media sticks that contain the recently-released Monday Dreamin' EPs. These records originated from a collaboration between the CircoLoco label and Rockstar Games and if you unlock all four of them then you will receive a special reward, in the form of an exclusive song. Entitled "CLR Launch Party," this track was recorded by DJ Seth Troxler specifically for GTA Online and remixes everything from Monday Dreamin' into one cohesive whole.

The "Los Santos Tuners" update is a free add-on for GTA Online, which is itself bundled together with Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will soon be receiving a next-gen upgrade for PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Keyart
The "Los Santos Tuners" update for "GTA Online" introduces an underground car club, new street races, and collectable music tracks. Rockstar Games