'GTA Online' Vespucci Job Game Mode Now Available to Play

GTA Online has added a new game mode and a bunch of new vehicles with this week’s update. Along with all the new content, there are more items for sale and different ways to earn double the RP and GTA$.

gta-online-the-vespucci-job The Vespucci Job is a cat-and-mouse style game mode of outrunning police Rockstar

The new game mode, The Vespucci Job, is a cat-and-mouse chase. One player gets in the new Weeny Issi Classic (inspired by the classic Mini Cooper cars seen in the original The Italian Job) and must outrun other players in cop cars. The Weeny Issi Classic driver is encouraged to take advantage of the small vehicle by squeezing through small alleyways and making tight turns that police cruisers aren’t capable of.

Playing The Vespucci Job will reward gamers with double GTA$ and RP rewards through April 23. Bodyguards and Associates will also earn double their salaries in the same timeframe.

vapid-flash-gt The Vapid Flash GT is now available in GTA Online Rockstar

Along with the Vespucci Job game mode, the Weeny Issi Classic is also available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The Sea Sparrow helicopter and the Vapid Flash GT are also new additions this week. The Sea Sparrow can be purchased from Elitás Travel and the Flash GT is for sale at Legendary Motorsport.

If you’re looking to save some cash, the following items are discounted through April 23:

  • Karin 190z - 25 percent off

  • Vapid Hustler - 25 percent off

  • Albany Hermes - 25 percent off

  • Phantom Wedge - 35 percent off (Trade In and Buy It Now prices)

  • All melee weapons - 25 percent off

  • Body armor - 25 percent off

  • Explosives and throwables - 25 percent off

  • Bullet-proof tires - 25 percent off

  • Liveries - 25 percent off (includes Aircraft)

  • Bumpers - 25 percent off

  • Resprays - 25 percent off (includes Aircraft)

  • Skirts - 25 percent off

  • Spoilers - 25 percent off

  • Tire smoke - 25 percent off

For all you stoners out there, Rockstar is also hosting a one-day sale on April 20. The following items will be discounted for one day only:

  • Weed business - 50 percent off

  • Weed business upgrades - 50 percent off

  • Weed sales - earn 50 percent more

  • Green tire smoke - 50 percent off

As always, there are  new premium and time trial races to tackle through April 23. The premium race is “In The City” and is locked to Sports cars. The time trial is “Mount Gordo.” All competitors earn triple RP for racing in the premium event, and the top three racers win GTA$. All those that can beat the par time in the time trial race will earn RP and GTA$.

So what do you think? Are you excited to try the Vespucci Job game mode? What new vehicle are you looking forward to buying first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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