'GTA Online' Weekly Update Adds Bonuses For Transform Races and More

Even with Red Dead Online rolling out this week, Rockstar still managed to squeeze in a weekly update for GTA Online. There isn't any new content to discover or purchase this time around, but the GTA Online weekly update does add new opportunities to earn bonus GTA$ and save on some cool vehicles and weapons.

Play Transform Races in GTA Online for bonus GTA$ and RP Rockstar

If you're looking to make the most money for your time, focus on the Rockstar-created Transform Races. Complete any of the 39 races to earn double the GTA$ and RP rewards through Dec. 3.

If racing isn't your thing, there are other ways to earn bonus money. Those with Biker Clubhouses can complete any Clubhouse Contract for double the GTA$ and RP rewards. Additionally, the same double rewards are offered for completing any Smuggler's Run Sell missions. There is also a 25 percent mark-up on all Special Cargo Deliveries.

Plenty of weapons and vehicles in GTA Online will be discounted through Dec. 3. Some of the highlights include a whopping 40 percent off the price of a Mobile Operations Center, which can be used to get more jobs and earn more money. Now is also a great time to stock up on heavy weapons if you haven't done so already. The full list of items on sale this week in GTA Online is as follows:

  • Mobile Operations Center – 40 percent off
  • MOC Renovations – 40 percent off
  • Rhino – 40 percent off
  • Cargobob – 40 percent off
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe – 40 percent off
  • Buckingham Howard NX-25 – 35 percent off
  • Nagasaki Havok – 35 percent off
  • Buckingham Alpha-Z1 – 35 percent off
  • Dinka Jester Classic – 30 percent off
  • Grotti X80 Proto – 35 percent off
  • Progen Tyrus – 35 percent off
  • Overflod Entity XF – 35 percent off
  • Ubermacht Revolter – 35 percent off
  • Declasse Drift Tampa – 35 percent off
  • Assault Rifles – 25 percent off
  • Shotguns – 25 percent off
  • Snipers – 25 percent off
  • Explosive Ammo & Throwables – 25 percent off
  • Rocket Launchers – 25 percent off
  • Grenade Launchers – 25 percent off

So what do you think? Are you excited to earn double the GTA$ and RP rewards in Transform Races this week? Do you think you'll make the jump from GTA Online to Red Dead Online soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.