Guilty-Looking Pit Bull Makes Huge Mess in Hilarious Video

A pit bull had a lot to answer for when a woman arrived back to find her house covered in mess.

Footage posted to Instagram by saba_the_pit begins with a pet owner filming her kitchen, which has an upturned trashcan on the floor with garbage strewn around it.

The litter, including scraps of paper and food items, also extended into the dining room. It is when she walks out there that she spots her pets.

A small tabby cat is meowing in her path, and the camera then pans to a rather sheepish-looking American pit bull Terrier called Saba, who is peering out from behind a chair.

The woman can be heard asking: "What did you do? Huh? What is this?"

The dog turns away, seemingly avoiding the question, before her owner walks over to zoom in on the pet's face, which looks as guilty as they come.

The hilarious video is captioned: "I can't stay mad at that face for long....."

The original clip, which can be viewed here, was posted to Instagram on August 22, 2019 but, at the time of writing, had only managed to muster 212 views.

However, the video was recently re-posted on dog Instagram account doggosdoingthings on July 2, which has 2.7 million followers, and so far has been liked by 58,700 people.

Many flooded to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny footage.

One Instagram user, annquattrochi, wrote: "How that tail starts going as soon as you look at him!! He's so stinking cute!! I feel like the cat is trying to warn him with the "dude - you're effed!"

Another person, teresa_magherini, added: "When you leave him alone he's probably anxious, don't grumble him. You can try giving him a raw bone or something he can munch on!!"

Lorrainechamberlin typed: "The cat's like 'It wasn't me! It wasn't me!'"

Annathedogwhisperer observed: "The cat is ratting him out so hard."

Jarqualeen joked: "He was just trying to do your taxes and gather all those receipts. Give him a break."

However, some people believed the culprit of the mess was in fact the cat, including Aunt_maria60 who gushed: "Omg how could you not just love that face if he needs a lawyer let me know and the cat definitely did it he is saying with his eyes."

Nantuckethousewife reaffirmed this theory, writing: "Haven't you ever seen Lady and the Tramp?? It was obviously the cat, see how she's tattling on him the second mom walks in?!"

Lavengeldogs mused: "Even the cat's trying to snitch on him. But we all know the squealer was the dealer."

Newsweek has contacted saba_the_pit for comment.

A Pit Bull dog
Stock image of an American Pit Bull Terrier. In a video on Instagram a Pit Bull had made a huge mess at her owner's home. Getty Images

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