Dog Hailed a Hero After Surviving Bullet in Head Confronting Armed Intruder

A Tennessee dog is being celebrated as a hero by his neighbors after protecting his community from an armed criminal on the loose.

Golden Labrador Gus noticed and approached the intruder in his Brentwood backyard but was shot in the head by the man. The noise from the gun alerted neighbors who quickly called the police.

"An intruder that had been making his way through the neighborhood started heading this way and Gus saw him and took off and said not today. When he approached the guy, he shot him in the head," mom Jess Dixon told Fox17.

"[It[ went through his ear canal and came out of his neck," she added.

With the police on their way, residents began checking their security cameras and noticed the same person had been throughout the area. It was those videos that gave the police the description for the armed criminal.

"After the police got the call that a shot had been fired, that's when they realized there was an armed criminal on the loose. That's when everything went on lockdown and everybody started checking their security cameras and realized it was one person who had been all throughout the neighborhood," said Dixon.

Within the hour, police had the man, who turned out to be a convicted felon on probation, in custody and Gus was ready for emergency surgery at the vet. "They came running out with a stretcher and he jumped out of the car and walked himself in," said Dixon.

Gus' heroic actions have been celebrated by the Brentwood community, with the Brentwood police even making him their honorary canine, with a medal and badge included. "Gus got this because of his bravery and loyalty to protect everyone else," Dixon family daughter Sydney told Fox17. "His nickname is now Superdog. So he is the Superman of the neighborhood."

Neighbors who were protected by Gus have thanked the Labrador too, throwing him his very own party for his 2nd birthday. "I just stop and think about how lucky we all are on that day, that Gus was there to step in and be the hero," said neighbor Alex Hunter.

"We didn't want our kids to be afraid and traumatized. So, we just decided we were going to tell them the truth with as few details as possible and what we knew is there was a bad guy going around and Gus recognized him as a bad guy and he tried to help catch him and the man shot him, but because of Gus the police were able to catch him and he's in jail and we don't have to worry about him anymore," said Dixon.

Golden labrador smiling
Stock image of a labrador. Getty Images