Gym-Goer Allegedly Snatches Dumbbell From Fitness Influencer in Viral Video

A video that purports to show the moment a fitness influencer had a dumbbell snatched by another gym-goer has gone viral.

The video, which was posted to TikTok on Tuesday by Kylen Suttner (@fitbykylen), has amassed more than 6 million views. And while some viewers have accused the video of being staged, others said that they've experienced the same type of gym behavior first-hand.

The video opens with Suttner placing two dumbbells on the ground after completing a set of bicep curls. Seconds later, however, someone out of frame suddenly appears and grabs one of Suttner's weights.

"Oh sorry I was using that," Suttner told the unidentified gym goer.

"I've been waiting for these for a really long time—you've had them forever," the gym-goer replied.

Suttner continues to tell the stranger that she just needs to complete a few more reps, but the stranger refuses to hand over the dumbbell.

"I am officially over public gyms," said the video's narrator.

In 2017, Men's Health took to Twitter to ask readers "what pisses [them] off most in the gym?"

Of the 6,292 Twitter users who responded, 40 percent said "machine hogging" was their biggest pet peeve. Writing for How Stuff Works on the topic of gym etiquette, Alia Hoyt said: "If the gym is crowded, don't spend all day on the same equipment. Give others a chance."

According to Hoyt, this equipment includes free weights.

Should an individual encounter someone who is taking too much time on a certain piece of equipment, Brenda Abdilla, a consultant for the health club industry, told Real Simple that it's perfectly OK to nudge that person along by asking them if they're almost through with their workout.

"If the person refuses to yield or the problem is chronic (say, there are never enough machines), go to a manager, " advised Real Simple. This way, a manager can intervene and create a scheduling system, Abdilla said.

It's not clear if Suttner was hogging the weights in her video but Suttner told Newsweek that the interaction was not staged.

As previously stated, many commenters couldn't believe a person would grab someone else's weights during a workout.

"No way people think this real," wrote one TikTok user.

Others, on the other hand, said they could believe it and claimed that they've witnessed similar interactions.

"I doubt it is, this s**t happens all the time," said Aliyah Rhodes in response to a commenter who accused the video of being staged.

Update 2/15/2022: This article has been updated to include a statement from Kylen Suttner.

Woman with dumbbell
A video that purports to show the moment a fitness influencer had a dumbbell snatched by another gym goer has gone viral. bulatovic/istock