Is the Gym Open Today? Presidents Day Hours at Planet Fitness, Equinox, Crunch and More

Today is Presidents Day. The national holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of every February and this year it falls on February 17. While most retail venues across the country are open, some may be running on a reduced schedule.

Presidents Day was traditionally known as a celebration of the birth of George Washington, the first president of the county, which is on February 22. This tradition began just a year after his death in 1799.

But in modern times, the day has evolved into a celebration of all U.S. presidents, both from the past as well as the present.

Many people like to bag a sale or two on Presidents Day but fitness enthusiasts will prefer to hit the gym on their day off. Here we look at the opening and closing times of some of the most popular fitness chains across the country.

Planet Fitness

Most branches of the fitness chain are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But some may have slightly varying hours on Presidents Day, so find your local branch at the Planet Fitness website and check exact times before traveling.


Each branch of the international gym chain has its own hours of operation, so check your local venue for exact timings on Presidents Day at the Equinox website.

Crunch Fitness

The hours for the popular gym franchise vary by location. Customers are advised to contact their local branch to check opening and closing times for Presidents Day.

Anytime Fitness

Most venues of the fitness chain are open on February 17 and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But some locations may have reduced hours. Check the Anytime Fitness website for your local branch.

Gold's Gym

The global chain's operating hours differ by location, with some open 24 hours. Check your local branch of the Gold's Gym at the company's website to confirm the hours of operation for Presidents Day

LA Fitness

The popular fitness franchise also has varying hours depending on the venue and most are expected to be open on February 17. Call your local branch to confirm exact hours.

24 Hours Fitness

Most branches are open on Presidents Day. But some venues, including in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and California, may have different hours of operation. Best to check your local branch before heading out.

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Equinox gym Berkeley California September 2018
The facade of an Equinox gym in downtown Berkeley, California, September 18, 2018. Getty Images