H1Z1 Update: Auto Royale, Victory Crates, Weapon Adjustments And More

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H1Z1 is finally launching, here's what you need to know. Daybreak Games

H1Z1 has finally left early access and will add an "Auto Royale" game mode, which uses cars Mad Max style. For players who like to look good, a new "Victory Crate" will be given out after winning matches, containing 75 new skins. With the live update, there's also a massive overhaul to weapons like the AK-47 and shotgun to make the game as balanced as possible. Can the granddaddy of battle royales match up with heavy hitters like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, or will it disappear like Battleborn ? Check out the patch notes to see.

H1Z1 Update: Auto Royale, Victory Crates, Weapon Adjustments And More

H1Z1, but with cars! Daybreak Games


  • Players can now select the quadrant of the map they'd like to spawn in while in Fort Destiny. Want to get right into the action?
  • Spawn select map will show the first gas ring in some matches but not for other matches. This is to gather data and educate ourselves on player behavior so we can make more informed decisions in the future.
  • A heat map shows the density of other players spawn selections in each grid.
  • In team games, the team leader will select the spawn point for the team and teammates will be notified which quadrant was selected.If a user does not select a quadrant one will be selected by default that is somewhere near the safe zone. Spawn Selection will be disabled for the last ten seconds before the match begins.

The new scoring model will focus on three different segments:

  • A user's top 10 games will give them their base score.
  • A user's average placement will then have a modifier value that is applied to the top 10 score.
  • A user's average kills per match will then have a modifier value that is applied to the top 10 score.
  • Once the modifiers have been applied a user will be given their ranking. This new system will challenge the player to play more conservative and be more consistent in their play but will still require them to see kills just not as aggressively as the current live scoring model.
  • In the new system, players can de-rank, however, rewards will be earned based on the highest rank achieved for a season.


  • AR-15
    • Reset delay has been slightly reduced.
    • Recoil acceleration rate has been slightly adjusted.
    • Recoil growth was reduced in order to allow the weapon to be slightly sprayable at close range.
  • AK-47
    • Semi-Auto fire mode recoil growth was increased slightly.
    • Full Auto fire mode recoil growth was reduced slightly so sprayability is in line with the AR-15.
  • Shotgun
    • Damage falloff distance has been slightly reduced.
    • Headshot multiplier has been slightly reduced.
  • Armor / Bleeding Mechanics
    • Breaking a helmet no longer causes a bleed, only the intended damage.
    • Breaking armor no longer causes bleed or damage as the armor soaks up the shot completely. The sniper rifle and shotgun are the only exceptions to this rule.
  • Grenade Adjustments
    • Gas grenades have had their area of effect reduced back to their intended size.
  • Healing Adjustments
    • Bandages now heal for 3HP up front and then an additional 10HP over time.
    • Medkits now heal for 8HP up from and an additional 60HP over time.
  • Movement Adjustments
    • Crouch has been reworked to be more responsive when going both up and down.
    • The crouch fatigue system has been adjusted and is more relaxed to allow more movement.
    • Couch fatigue no longer penalizes movement and it no longer locks you from being able to stand.


It's been far too long since players have been rewarded for just playing H1Z1, and it's time for that to change. With this update, the devs reintroduce Match Rewards back into the game.

  • Winning a match of Solos, Duos, or Fives will reward 1 Victory Crate.
  • Depending on the game mode, you can earn up to 150 Skulls for match placement below first
  • Skull Boosts are applied to Match Rewards.
  • The Victory Crate contains over 75 brand new skins that are untradeable and unmarketable, but scrap for the same amount as skins from paid crates of equal rarity.
  • Winning isn't the only way for you to get your hands on some of these new skins, you can opt to do a bit of grinding and you can buy them from the Skull Store for 7,500 Skulls each. You can also earn 2 Victory Crates by completing the Tutorial Challenges if you wish.


  • The experience curve for Account Leveling has been reworked.
  • New users will receive a basic set of skins when leveling from 1-10.
  • Existing users already have these skins.
  • After you reach Level 10, you will be awarded Victory Crates for leveling.
  • Existing users accounts have had their level reset.
  • If you were at Level 100 you will receive a special item in the next few weeks.
  • Experience gained from matches has been normalized as the drop off in experience gained isn't as significant until you reach 75th place and below.


  • Lighting settings have been adjusted to make shadows not render as dark.
  • Fog has been removed at distances up to 350 meters.
  • Colors have been adjusted to be slightly more vibrant/saturated.
  • Flora has been adjusted for all GFX settings and reduced in general.
  • SpeedTree has been updated to version 7.
  • This helped visibility against trees and is slightly more performant.
  • Gradient map values have been updated to reduce bloom on certain types of floors and walls.


  • In-game user interface has been updated to be much cleaner and require less screen area.
  • Duos is temporarily disabled in place of Auto Royale
  • Added a Mini-Map on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • There are options to show or hide it, as well as the ability to pick a couple locations of where it is located on screen.
  • You can now move normally with the map open, similar to having the Inventory open.
  • Drop shots have been added back into the game.
  • You can sprint strafe while prone in order to roll and shoot.
  • Footstep sound effects have received another tuning pass so that they are lower volume generally but still loud enough to make sure you can hear enemies coming.
  • Magnum is no longer a starting weapon in Combat Zone.
  • Players now start with Combat Super Serums in Combat Zone, which fully heals the player after use.
  • The airdrop bomber has been updated and replaced with a jet. This was done so the bomber has unique audio in an effort to increase player feedback and clarity.
  • Bombs will no longer drop passed the third gas phase regardless or when there are only 20 people remaining, whichever comes first.
  • Updated the split-stack UI element for ease of use.
  • Keystrokes now immediately input to the numerical field (no longer have to click first).
  • Number keys (keypad and keyboard), backspace, delete are all accepted and left and right arrow keys will move the cursor.
  • Clicking off or pressing escape closes the pop-up.
  • Settings menus have been restructured and re-ordered to make more sense.
  • Settings are ordered by usage and importance and are generally grouped with similar options.
  • Added options for Team Voice Chat and Proximity Voice Chat.
  • Added headphone and panning options to the audio menu.
  • Mute Fort Destiny Proximity Voice option updated so that off means off.
  • Changed default Interact key to "E" (was "F").
  • Running over other players with a vehicle now shows the vehicle and skin used in the Kill Feed.
  • Debug text on the HUD and End Screens are now hidden by default. Can still be enabled (Default: "N")
  • The Hosted Games Spectate HUD is being updated to reflect the new in-game HUD.
  • Default look, scoped, and aiming mouse sensitivity is now set to 10 percent.
  • Removed the glare from vehicle windows and windshields.
  • Vehicles no longer lose turbo or torque until the condition is less than 20 percent.
  • The final phase of the gas rings will now shrink to 1 meter.


  • Multiple optimizations that fix issues related to framerate drops and overall performance.
  • Fixed numerous areas with inappropriate loot distribution, such as the supermarket in Pleasant Valley.
  • Missed shots will no longer occasionally register as hits with blood spurts, despite it actually being a miss and the player taking no damage.
  • Tree Quality and Flora Quality settings now correctly set the quality level in-game and persist when restarting the game client.
  • Other players no longer occasionally appear on the wrong side of a tree when playing on low settings.
  • Falling off objects now behaves the same with Reduce Input Lag enabled or disabled.
  • Players no longer appear partially below the ground in Fort Destiny
  • Vehicle skins now show for all players regardless of the distance between players when the skin was applied.
  • Recoil no longer resets below its expected position after firing while aiming high while prone.
  • First-person camera angle now resets properly after releasing the free-look key while running.
  • Vehicles take more consistent damage over time when flipped, regardless of whether they are flipped onto the hood or roof.
  • Adjusted player animations when using a crossbow to keep the elbows more tucked in similar to other weapons.
  • Players can no longer shoot through ceilings that can be reached by jumping and shooting.
  • Sniper Rifle Scope now properly covers the whole screen when using an ultra-wide monitor or resolution.
  • Clicking on a throwable now properly equips it in your throwable slot, even if you already had one equipped.
  • Fixed SMG animation when crouched and aiming down sights while in first person mode.
  • The size of thrown weapons (grenades, etc.) is no longer larger than intended.
  • Map now scales properly when switching screen resolutions.
  • Speedometer needle no longer overturns when driving at high speeds downhill.
  • POI icons no longer overlap text in the compass.
  • Removed lockers from the FZMA tents (sorry Summit)
  • Campers are no longer clipping into each other in D10.
  • Players can no longer see through the world in a particular barn area in I2.
  • Fixed a few floating items near Dragan Lake.
  • Adjusted the ping threshold colors. Green now goes up to 75 (up from 50) and yellow goes up to 150 (down from 200)
  • Certain skins no longer prevent kills from counting towards Hellfire SMG challenges.
  • End screens now always show completed challenges.
  • When the group leader cancels a queue, it is now canceled for all group members.
  • Viewing another player's Top 10 no longer shows a blank Top 10 of your own.
  • Added a prompt warning the user when they are scrapping an ultra-rare vehicle skin.
  • Rapidly scrapping skins no longer bypasses the confirmation when scrapping the last skin.
  • Sniper Rifle no longer has an incorrectly colored dot on the back of the weapon.
  • Eyepatches no longer clip through characters heads.
  • Various improvements to anti-cheat.
  • You will no longer play the "on-fire" animation after the fire has been extinguished from a smoke grenade.
  • Fixed numerous minor clipping and text truncation bugs in the User Interface.
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