Hack Shows How To Save McDonald's Fries for Later, but Not Everyone Is Sold

Ever not manage to finish the whole of your McDonald's french fries? For the small percentage that do, this latest fast-food-based TikTok hack might just come in handy.

TikTok user @laddllly has shown over ten million users how to convert McDonald's' iconic French fry container into a sealed box ready to carry fries without spilling.

The user begins by pushing the left and right sides of the box inwards, then pushing the front of the box in too. This creates a pocket shape, with the back then folded over and tucked into.

Once properly folded, the box then becomes fully sealed, not letting any fries fall out, as demonstrated by the hack creator. @laddllly showed herself holding the container upside down right after, to prove exactly how sturdy it is.

Although over 1.5 million users have liked the hack, with some dubbing it "life changing," many have a few questions over just how useful it might be for most.

The most obvious here is that most people tend to finish their fries in one sitting, making a takeout box useless. "This is helpful, but who doesn't finish their fries?" wrote one user.

"Nice video, but I always finish it too soon," commented another TikTok user.

While the next issue at hand for views is that McDonald's fries notoriously don't taste the same after being left for too long.

"You can't eat them reheated or cold, it's terrible," noted one viewer.

This hack is likely far more useful for those instances when the fries will be saved for later, but not too much later, making them still enjoyable.

@laddllly's video is one of many TikTok clips with McDonald's fries at the forefront. Just last week, Newsweek reported on a viral video from competitor Five Guys, which drew attention back to McDonald's and how it cooks its fries in the comments.

The video posted by a Five Guys worker showed exactly how fresh the fries are, and documented the completely in-store cooking process.

Comparing it to McDonald's however is completely different. In May, a TikTok video by a McDonald's employee showed that a wire frying basket is filled up with frozen fries from a machine, before being dunked into vegetable oil.

McDonald's fries are made from Russel Burbank or Shepody potatoes. The potatoes are put through a high-pressure steam machine after being washed in the factory, which peels them. They are then shot through a potato-cutting machine at 75 miles per hour, where optical scanners next examine them looking for blemishes.

The fries are then steamed in hot water and ingredients including dextrose and sodium acid pyrophosphate are added which aid with keeping their color. Finally, they're fried before being sent through a flash-freezer tunnel.

Big Mac and french fries on tray
In this photo illustration, a McDonald's Big Mac and french fries are seen on a tray on April 30, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images