Fans' Experiences With Hailey Bieber Go Viral—'Mean Girl Energy'

TikTok users have shared some of their experiences of interacting with Hailey Bieber, from fan encounters to working with her years ago. They then gave ratings out of 10.

One TikToker, under the name venus.m___, then compiled some of those videos into one long-form post, which has since gone viral with 1.2 million views.

The attention on Bieber's disposition comes amid renewed interest in her relationship with Selena Gomez and speculation that they were in a feud.

hailey bieber
Hailey Bieber speaks onstage during The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Tech Live Conference at Montage Laguna Beach on October 24, 2022 in Laguna Beach, California. Some people have rated their interactions with her. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images North America

Fan-conspiracy theories have claimed Bieber is intimidated by Gomez, who dated the model's now-husband, Justin, for eight years. The pair got married just months after his and Gomez's relationship had ended.

But rumors of a new feud between the pair began in February when some fans accused Bieber of throwing shade at Gomez on her Instagram stories.

Gomez responded to the fan theories by taking a break from social media, describing the ruckus as "silly."

The viral TikTok opened with a photo of the model and a narrated caption that read: "People sharing what they experienced on their encounter with Hailey Bieber."

Fans in the comments defended the model amid her ongoing alleged battle with Gomez, 30. They said people were lying because they were bigger fans of the singer.

The first video was of one person doing their make-up. They talked about how they approached Bieber, 26, at a concert to ask for a photo.

"I was like, 'Hi Hailey, I'm a big fan'... you could tell she was not happy," the TikTok user said and then imitated Bieber allegedly huffing with impatience and rolling her eyes.

According to the user, after Bieber obliged them by posing for a photo, they told the model, "I love you, Hailey. Thank you for the picture. I really appreciate it."

"She was like, 'Do you want anything else for me?'" they recalled and added they told Bieber, "I appreciate the photo and enjoy the concert."

But, as Bieber turned to walk away with her friends, the group started mocking them and mimicked their voice, which apparently caused them all to laugh loudly.

"They said it so loud. It was like they wanted me to hear it. So I was like, okay, well she's a bit of a mean person," the TikTok user said.

The next person described seeing Bieber out and about in Los Angeles around 2014 when "she wasn't even that famous yet."

"She was always just like, 'I'm better than everyone here' or that's at least the vibe she would give off," the TikTok user said, though it was not a direct interaction. They added that people who feed into LA's hierarchical celebrity culture were "not good people."

"Bless that girl, I don't know that girl. But I hope she gets the help she needs. And I hope that she's a nicer person after this," the TikTok user added.

Another was signed to the same modeling agency as Bieber when they were teenagers and gave her a 2/10 rating.

"She was so cold to me. She treated me like trash. It was just the vibe she gave off like, she really thought that she was better than everyone in the room and I'm like, 'Girl, we're both underage here. We're both signed to the same agency, like treat me with respect. I'm coming up to you asking you how you're doing,'" the TikTok user said.

"And you know this I don't really believe that celebrities owe anybody anything, but you know it's one of those moments where don't meet the people you look up to or who you idolize. 'Til this day she's the least favorite celebrity encounter I've ever had."

Next up was a TikTok user who gave Bieber 3.5/10 after having "met her a handful of times."

"And every time she was not nice. I really want to like her," the poster added.

The last person in the video described how Bieber looked her up and down, giving "mean girl energy."

"I can set they lying because they're Sel's fans, but only last one compared her with Sel. So idk [I don't know], but many of people saying she's mean," commented one person.

Another added: "The first one i understand when your noticeably upset/not having a good day and people come up to you and ask you for things is upsetting."

And a third wrote: "Do any of these have proof like show the pic ?"