'Halloween' Michael Myers Parody Declared 'Best Video on TikTok'

A scarily good parody of horror movie icon Michael Myers has got people screaming on social media for altogether different reasons.

With Halloween Kills slashing its way through the competition at the box office and October 31 fast approaching, a TikToker by the name of Gavinblake23 has decided to take the character in an inspired new direction.

The result is a 67-second video titled "An inside interview with Michael Myers" that has already been viewed 2.6 million times on TikTok and a further 2.9 million times on Twitter. The clip can be viewed here.

Ostensibly offering a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the fictional serial killer, the clip introduces viewers to "Michael Audrey Myers" a "globally famous killer" who proclaims himself as "one of the greatest ever."

As much a spoof on the kind of hype videos put out by celebrities and elite athletes as it is the Halloween movie icon, the video sees Myers take fans through his entirely fictional daily routine.

"Every morning I wake up, two raw eggs, in the gym 2-3 hours, sauna, cardio, training, weight lifting, you know I do it all," he explains alongside clips of someone, dressed as the character, doing weights, relaxing in a sauna and running manically on a treadmill.

"I cut off all distractions," he tells the camera, pointing to his mobile and an unread spoof message from a bizarrely bikini-clad Annabelle, the haunted doll from The Conjuring cinematic universe, which reads "Come to Miami."

"Left her unread," Myers says. "I ain't coming to Miami, I'm working."

The video goes on to address a familiar trope from the Halloween movies.

"Everybody always asks me 'how do you get there? When they see you they are running across the building, they are running down the stairs, they are running across the parking garage, they are in their car, they think they're safe, you're already there. How do you do that?"

On the video the query is accompanied by footage of a potential victim running at full pace from Myers to the safety of their car only for Myers to pop up in the backseat.

A hilariously exaggerated take on what is a common complaint among fans of the franchise, for this version of Myers the answer to the question of how he does it is simple.

"Work ethic," he says. "Nobody works like me. Nobody."

Dawg this is one of the greatest tik toks Iv ever seen pic.twitter.com/v0yqi7v2Ui

— AGAPE (@MAG_Milli) October 20, 2021

Myers goes on to take aim at another horror film icon, Pennywise the Clown from the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's It, commenting: "Pennywise talking about 'oh I'm big time.' You live in a sewer. My condo is $4,800 a month, you are not moving like me."

He concludes by declaring himself among the four greatest: "Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Phelps, Michael Myers" before asking that they wrap things up as he had "gotta go murder some motherf***ers."

A pitch-perfect lampoon of Halloween and modern media as a whole, the clip clearly struck a chord with fans online, who flocked to praise the video as one of the funniest of recent times.

Itsryanbetz.pt3 ranked it among the "top 5" best videos they have seen on TikTok while Foodies declared: "this video will go down in history." Felipe-Cano Silva jokingly branded it the "best interview of the year" while Terrence Mccain said they had "gotta make a part 2."

One37pm wrote: "Bro this is fire," with Taking the Poin+t one of several to describe the clip as "one of the greatest TikToks I have ever seen." Yahanna Dee agreed: "This gotta be the best TikTok I've ever watched."

"Best video on TikTok hands down," added ohhzzy. Inseansmind, meanwhile, suggested: "This needs to be a documentary on Netflix."

Newsweek has contacted Gavinblake23 for comment.

While the video is designed more for laughs than scares, Newsweek has helpfully compiled a list of the best horror films to watch this October 31.

Michael Myers in Halloween (2018).
Michael Myers in Halloween (2018) - A TikTok video chronicling a spoof interview with the horror movie villain is proving a hit with fans. Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions