Halloween Sign Branding Trick-or-Treaters 'Lazy Entitled Freeloaders' Sparks Debate

With Halloween around the corner, chances are most people have put up decorations as they dust off their costumes, and stock up on sweets for kids.

But children will probably be avoiding one house, after a sign was put in the window branding trick-or-treaters "lazy entitled freeloaders."

A snap of the handwritten note was shared to Reddit's PoliticalHumor forum by user @ImpureRosemary, and while they didn't specify where it was taken, it's in the U.S.

They captioned the image: "Halloween was created by the libs to collect handouts, apparently." October 31 typically sees youngsters dress up and knock on doors in their neighborhood to receive candy.

But the sign warns off any potential residents from knocking, saying: "Attention Satanic socialists. This is the home of a patriotic Christian family. We work hard and pay taxes! We do not celebrate Satan's Day.

"We do not give away free candy to lazy entitled freeloaders. No handouts welcome to America. If you want candy, get a job and find Jesus."

The note is filled with exclamation marks, capital letters and words underlined for extra emphasis.

Since being shared to the site on Monday, it's been upvoted more than 35,000 times, as scores of people commented on the image. While it's not clear if it's a real sign, it sparked debate on the site over religion and politics.

Moistfruitcake pointed out: "Maybe it's someone's really creative Halloween decoration, they grab you from behind and scream while you're reading it.

Shahooster thought: "It should be satire, but it's hard to tell anymore."

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Reddit photo claiming to show a sign at a house

JorgeMcKay replied, saying: "Jesus gave to people in need without asking anything in return. I don't think these people understand the true concept of Christianity."

"WTF kind of a******* live in your neighborhood? I don't care if a kid shows up dressed like Trump, they can have some candy," Skatchbro wrote.

Kaptainkarl1 stated: "Mean Spirited to the bitter end. . . What would Jesus do? Give candy to kids? Hell no!"

Amtonge quipped: "Boy are these people going to be pissed when they find out what Mr. Clause has been doing every time it's Jesus's birthday."

InvestigatorUnfair19 wrote: "That house would have gotten tp [toilet paper] in my younger days, maybe an egg or 2 also."

Angiebanangie92056 commented: "What do the terms patriotic and Christian mean to these people? They are use by the right to justify hateful speech and actions."

LiteSarcasm said: "It must be exhausting to be that angry all the time....

"Translation: Please egg our house. Thanks," dfs495 joked.

Sanders1665 added: "Can't you just feel the love and warmth of these wonderful people."

DCErik pointed out: "Scariest house on the block!"

Newsweek reached out to @ImpureRosemary for comment.

 File photo of a scary house.
File photo of a scary house. A sign branding trick-or-treaters freeloaders has sparked debate. madsci/Getty Images