Halsey Tweets Cryptic 'Control Freak' Message After G-Eazy Breakup

Halsey, pictured on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, tweeted a cryptic message about being a "control freak" after her split from rapper G-Eazy. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Without Me" singer Halsey took to Twitter Friday evening to share a cryptic tweet with her 9.88 million followers. The star talked about being a "control freak" following her split from her on-again, off-again boyfriend, "No Limit" rapper G-Eazy.

"I've lived too long in absolutes. A control freak who needs to know the outcome of everything. Only 'forever' and 'never.' I hope I can finally learn how to bow at the hand of "maybe" and let life take the wheel. That is my wish for myself," she wrote. "Lately, I've been thinking. I want you to be happier."

The day before she mused, "We love to say women are 'crazy' instead of addressing the thing that puts them in the position to lose their composure."

Halsey, 24, and G-Eazy, 29, called it quits for the second time last month. They first dated in September 2017 and broke up in July 2018 before rekindling their relationship in August. They seemingly confirmed their split when they unfollowed each other on social media.

Before that, G-Eazy told E! News on October 20 it was "inspiring" to watch the singer work. "I've been blessed and fortunate enough to get in the studio with a lot of artists that I admire, but she's one of those that when you hear her voice come through live from the booth, it's one of those, it just hits you right away," he said. "It's pure."

After their breakup, Halsey released her new single "Without Me." The leading man in the video, played by model Will Brandt, resembles the rapper. The singer talked about making the video on Instagram, saying it represented her personal life.

"The story is a reflection of a combination of relationships I've been in, or watched the people I love to go through. It's a reminder that you deserve more. And it's okay to not want to be taken advantage of. By your partners, your friends, your family," she said.

"You deserve happiness. Don't be afraid of going and finding it. As always, art is meant to be left to interpretation. If you see your story in this, I hope you hear me speaking loud and clear. All my love," Halsey concluded.