Is Halsey's New Album Called 'Maniac'? Fans Think Clues From 'Nightmare,' Past Tweets Point To New Title

Halsey fans may have unearthed the pop star's new album title in a series of past comments, and new music video references. The singer released feminist anthem "Nightmare" on Friday, along with a dark and powerful music video, that could set the tone for her third album. The song, which has a message of female empowerment and anger at the current state of American laws, hosts a series of possible clues for what's to come in the singer's future repertoire.

Conversations surfaced on Twitter Friday and questioned if the title of Halsey's third, unannounced album will be called Maniac. Fans resurfaced a handful of tweets from the singer, as well as mention the word in the "Nightmare" music video. Here are all of the clues or coincidences that have sparked this fan theory.

Maniac Reference In "Nightmare" Music Video

There's a whole lot to look at in Halsey's "Nightmare" music video, but something that caught the eye of multiple viewers was the name of the newspaper Halsey and dancers hold. While the newspapers all have a series of lyrics from "Nightmare" printed on them like headlines, each also sports the word "Maniac," seemingly where a newspaper name would go on the front cover. Some fans shared photos of the video on Twitter and questioned if the album title would coincide with the cover.

Halsey's Own Tweets

A handful of fans also looked back on messages Halsey has shared on Twitter, and noticed the word "maniac" makes a number of appearances. In January, Halsey casually referred to a breakfast expert with the word.

Another conversation, which took place in March, shows Halsey speaking with fans about the upcoming album. She teased the album would take a "couple of years," then replied again saying "You know my Maniac ass isn't holding any idea in for that long."

The added intrigue with this tweet is not just the use of the word, but the choice to capitalize "Maniac".

Past Songs

There's always a chance the relevance of the word "maniac: could be a coincidence, or could be a reference to a song from Halsey's last album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. The album hosted fan-favorite track "Walls Could Talk," in which Halsey uses the word in reference to herself.

The lyrics are: "Been about three days and I'm comin' back/I'm about four minutes from a heart attack/And I think you make me a maniac/But you don't know."

Is Halsey's New Album Called 'Maniac'? Fans Think Clues From 'Nightmare,' Past Tweets Point To New Title | Culture