Why 'Overwatch's New Hero Hammond Isn't For Me: My Time With the Hamster

Whether you're a broody edgelord who mains Reaper, a tough bruiser who can't get enough of Roadhog or a true-blue friend who thrives on healing with Mercy, there's an Overwatch hero for everyone, with 28 playable characters, all with their own unique personalities and traits. The newest member of the crew is Wrecking Ball, known to fans as the hamster Hammond. This little genetically engineered rodent has finally been added to the main game, allowing players to get their hands on the paws controlling a mech suit.

I'm a huge fan of tanks in Overwatch, with dozens of hours spent with beefy front liners like D. Va and Reinhardt. Tanks have the most important role in the game (in my opinion): protecting your weak (or dumb) teammates so they can deal damage. You're the babysitter when things go awry, the first blamed for a whole team dying. You can't control your allied Doomfist who wants to take on the whole enemy team, but that's not going stop the iron gauntlet from blaming you for his death.

Hammond (sorry, "Wrecking Ball") doesn't really play like other tanks. His Spider-Man grappling hook and "gotta go fast" mentality makes him more of an annoyance than an initiator. With D.Va, I can fly around and jump on squishy targets. Hammond can get the same result but requires a bit more creativity. Launching yourself into the air and slamming back down to earth on a cluess Ana is the best feeling, but it takes skill to actually pull off. I have no problem admitting I do not have those skills.

wrecking ball
I'm always the Junkrat, never the Wrecking Ball Blizzard

I want to love the hamster, I really do, but there are just so many ways he turns me off. On death, you hear high-pitched squeaks that are unsettling to someone that's owned hamsters for two decades. I picture my little buddies every time I die, which distracts me just long enough to die again.

My lack of skill in Overwatch also doesn't make Wrecking Ball feel better. I've tried him in a dozen games, over nearly every map and game mode, and every result is the same. I roll around, try to find enemies on the side, get overwhelmed and die. Nothing is more frustrating than nearly getting a kill, only to have an Ana Sleep Dart destroy your hopes of a positive KDA.

Maybe I'll get the hang of WB in the future, but I doubt it. I'm going to get back to playing D.Va on Numbani and getting "plays of the game" in low Silver.