Handcuffed Suspect Bolts From Police on Stolen ATV in Wild Chase Video

A handcuffed suspect on a stolen ATV led police on a chase in Oklahoma that was captured almost entirely on video by local TV station KFOR.

Tuesday's chase began in the town of Jones, then continued through Edmond and into Logan County. A Jones Police Department official told Newsweek that it began after police officers tried to arrest the suspect, identified as Lucas Strider, on charges of grand larceny.

Because the chase spanned different municipalities, several police departments were involved to provide assistance.

Edmond officers initially got involved in the chase after Strider ran through a red light, Edmond Police Department public information specialist Emily Ward told Newsweek. The officers were unaware he was on the run from the Jones Police Department.

"An officer was patrolling and came across a man on an ATV who ran a red light," Ward said. "He was originally going to be pulled over for a traffic violation."

As the chase neared Logan County, law enforcement officers in Logan were notified, Ward said.

KFOR showed the chase to the messy end, when Strider lost control of the ATV after running through a stretch of muddy water.

The station's Chopper 4 pilot, Mason Dunn, said law enforcement officers in Jones were placing Strider under arrest, but he managed to get away.

"Then a report came out that a four-wheeler was stolen," Dunn said. "One of the owners of the four-wheeler was chasing him on a four-wheeler and lost him."

The video, found on the news station's website, shows Strider speeding away from responding officers on the ATV on paved and dirt roads with a half tank of gas.

"He's moving guys. You can see him right there. You can see he's doing everything he can to get away," Dunn said. "He's doing about 70 miles per hour."

Dunn said the chopper was traveling at about 70 mph and the ATV was keeping up.

One news anchor noted that "ATVs are notorious for injuries, so if he does crash, that could be dangerous."

Depending on the ATV size and manufacturer, top speeds may vary. According to ATVsafety.org, riders should never ride on paved roads, except to cross, and only when it is permitted by law. The vehicles also should be ridden only on designated trails at a safe speed.

Driving along a dirt road, the chase between Strider and police eventually came to an end. A truck blocking half of the road forced Strider to swerve into muddy water, causing him to lose control.

The ATV turned over and Strider was seen taking a few steps before getting on the ground with his hands over his head. Officers surrounded him and took him into custody.

Oklahoma's KFOR's update reported that Strider was booked into Oklahoma County Jail. His booking charges also show he allegedly was driving under the influence of alcohol. Strider was charged by the Edmond Police Department with eluding police, a felony.

Updated 8/13/21, 10:20 a.m.: This story was updated with a comment from the Edmond Police Department.

ATV Chase
A handcuffed suspect on a stolen ATV led police on a chase in Oklahoma. Lucas Schifres/Getty Images