Hands On With Apple AirTag Accessories: Which Are Worth Buying?

AirTag is a New Year's resolution assistant in waiting—trying to help you stay more organized and never lose your keys again. But, in its raw form, the small, slick disc still needs a way to be attached to the item you want to track. I got my hands on a few of the first AirTag accessories to see what they were actually like. In some instances, the AirTag case can be more than the $29 Apple AirTag itself. Are these accessories worth their price?

Apple AirTag Accessories
These assorted AirTag holders can also double as key rings and luggage tags. TYLER HAYES

Right now, the most common accessory type is a key ring holder. It's an obvious enough choice. The most interesting AirTag accessories, however, will be the unexpected ones. Nomad is producing a holder for sunglasses to keep track of expensive frames, for example. A lot of these innovations aren't quite ready, but this list will be updated as more become available for purchase.

If you still have some questions about AirTag itself and how it works, be sure to take a peek at my hands-on review of the tracking device.

  • Belkin Secure Holder With Strap—$12.99
  • Belkin Secure Holder With Key Ring—$12.99
  • Spigen Valentinus With Keychain Ring—$14.99
  • Cyrill Leather AirTag Case—$17.99
  • Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring—$35
  • Apple AirTag Loop—$29
  • WaterField Designs AirTag Leather Keychain—$25
  • WaterField Designs AirTag Leather Luggage Tag—$49
  • Nomad Leather Loop—$24.95
  • Cyrill Shine—$15.99
  • Spigen Case Rugged Armor—$24.99
  • Casetify Custom AirTag Holder—$35

Belkin Secure Holder With Strap

Belkin AirTag loop
The loop on this Belkin AirTag holder gives it plenty of versatility. BELKIN

The Belkin Secure Holder With Strap is the company's most universal AirTag attachment. It has a nylon cord that can loop around different kinds of items. For example, it could be wrapped around the frame of a bike or a guitar case handle—things that a standard key ring couldn't accommodate. It works just fine for keys, though, and I've used it for my mail key because it often gets misplaced. I've knocked this holder into the wall a few times, and it has never separated or come undone. The plastic doesn't feel indestructible, but it has held together fine.

Buy at Belkin.

Belkin Secure Holder With Key Ring

Apple AirTag Accessories
Belkin's key ring AirTag accessory is a simple, plastic option with a low price. TYLER HAYES

Similarly, this other Belkin Secure Holder is nearly identical but with a dedicated key ring instead of a loop. It feels the same in the hand as the company's other AirTag holder. Personally, if I were choosing between the two, I think I would buy the one with the strap. It's a little more versatile and can be used for keys, but it probably has a few additional uses. Still, if you want the most minimal option, this Belkin key ring is just that.

Buy at Belkin.

Spigen Valentinus With Keychain Ring

Spigen AirTag key ring
Spigen's AirTag holder comes in all black and exposes the AirTag in the middle. SPIGEN

Spigen's Valentinus leather key ring is simple and straightforward. It surrounds the AirTag's edges with leather while leaving it exposed in the middle. This key chain is a little bigger than standard size and has a springy metal ring. My AirTag fit inside the leather snugly and didn't shift around. The button snap never came undone. I didn't try to thrash the exterior, but in light use, it held up with minimal wear noticeable.

Buy at Amazon.

Cyrill Leather AirTag Case

Apple AirTag Accessories
Cyrill's AirTag holder is nearly identical to Spigen’s. It's a simple leather option with a flashier key ring. TYLER HAYES

Cyrill and Spigen are both part of the same company and yes, this case and the Spigen Valentinus are essentially the same product. I'm not quite sure why there are actually two different SKUs because, beyond the tiniest of details, they're almost identical. Each has different color choices and the Cyrill key ring has flatter edges instead of being completely rounded. That's all to confirm that this one is equally fine in person, too, just like Spigen's.

Buy at Amazon.

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple AirTag tracking
Apple's AirTag Leather Key Ring comes in brown, blue and red. TYLER HAYES

The leather key ring AirTag holder from Apple is probably the gold standard of AirTag accessories. Just like the cases it makes for its own iPhones, this product is pitch-perfect for the tracking device. It fits precisely and looks great in person. Is it worth $35? (And spending more on an accessory than the product itself?) It's hard to justify. But if you do want the absolute best key ring holder, this is probably it at the moment.

Buy at Best Buy.

Apple AirTag Loop

Apple AirTag tracking
The AirTag Loop can wrap around carrying case straps and comes in navy, yellow and white. TYLER HAYES

Apple's more expensive key ring makes this $29 polyurethane option look more affordable and attractive. In practice, I do like its feel and look, but I had a harder time finding places to use this one. It's shown off as a luggage tag and yes, it works well in that scenario. Beyond suitcases or backpacks, this loop was bulkier than Belkin's option, and so it won't fit in pockets well.

Buy at Best Buy.

WaterField Designs AirTag Leather Keychain

Apple AirTag Accessories
WaterField Designs' first AirTag accessories are a luggage tag and key ring holder. TYLER HAYES

WaterField Designs makes fantastic leather goods—and some wonderful nonleather goods. This is the kind of AirTag accessory I would expect from the company. Instead of only covering the edges of the AirTag, the small white disc slips inside the holder and is completely sealed off. If your AirTag is engraved, you can't see the image or letters. But this holder will keep it from being scratched up. You can choose between a cable ring or carabiner for no additional cost, too, with a standard key ring included by default. The cable loop is a rigid wire that can be unscrewed to attach to different shapes or sizes of keys. I like the more casual leather stitching here for its more rugged look.

Buy at SFbags.

WaterField Designs AirTag Leather Luggage Tag

WaterField Designs luggage holder
This is a standard luggage tag, complete with an address card holder and an internal slot for an AirTag. WATERFIELD DESIGNS

While Apple's loop holder is a modern take on the luggage tag, this WaterField Designs option is more traditional. There's a good chance no one would know there's an AirTag hiding inside the rectangular leather attachment. It has the traditional address card under a leather flap, as well. The only real downside here is that it's a dedicated use holder. This could make a thoughtful gift for the regular traveler.

Buy at SFbags.

Nomad Leather Loop

Nomad Leather Loop
Nomad's Leather Loop sticks to each side of an AirTag with 3M adhesive. It protects the front and back but leaves the sides exposed. TYLER HAYES

This is a product that benefits from seeing in person. Glancing at the product images a little too quickly caused me to assume there was more to this holder than there actually is. It's two flaps of leather that stick, with 3M adhesive, to each side of the AirTag, leaving the sides exposed. It's one of the most minimal AirTag holders I've tried. The minimalism of it isn't a negative feature, in fact, it has become one of my favorites. You'll just have to decide if you need or want the entire AirTag wrapped in a protective cover.

Buy at Nomad.

Cyrill Shine

Cyrill Shine
The Cyrill Shine might be the perfect holder to show off an engraved AirTag. TYLER HAYES

The Shine AirTag holder is nearly invisible, and that's perfect. There are a few other variants that add glitter for a bit of sparkle, but, in general, this might be the simple holder a lot of people are looking for. (Unless you count Spigen's protective film.) Since Apple will engrave your AirTag with numbers, letters or emoji this is an easy way to keep it protected, but still, show off its personality. It's easy enough to push an AirTag into the clear, rubbery holder, but getting it out can take some determination.

Buy at Amazon.

Spigen Case Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor
The Spigen Rugged Armor is a bit bulky compared to the small AirTag, but it goes all in on its masculine design. TYLER HAYES

This case is definitely rugged and masculine. If that's your style, there's no reason not to consider this option. An AirTag is attached by pushing it into the circular groove in the plastic frame. The carabiner connects with a nylon strap and that can be removed if you want to switch around the different parts or use a keyring instead. All in all, it's bulky, but a solid design.

Buy on Amazon.

Casetify Custom AirTag Holder

Casetify Custom AirTag Holder
This blue Casetify AirTag holder has been customized with a robot emoji on it; the white one reveals the place where the AirTag is lodged. Each holder comes with a small key ring loop and carabiner. TYLER HAYES

If you like the idea of a personalized AirTag directly from Apple but are having trouble committing, this custom AirTag holder from Casetify may suit you better. There are seven colors for the plastic shell available along with six fonts and 17 text colors to choose between. (Heads-up: There are a finite number of emoji choices, and text is capped at 11 characters.)

This customized AirTag holder is similar to other plastic holders available. It twists to hook around the Apple tracking accessory. I threw one of these in the air and let it drop on concrete several times to see if it popped open or cracked. It held together and showed few signs of the drops, even after using some force.

Of course, you can order one of these plain, too. You don't have to personalize it. The $35 price doesn't really make sense without customization, though.

Buy at Casetify.

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