Updated | Fox News anchor Sean Hannity took to the airwaves for his daily radio show Monday after he was revealed as the third client of President Donald Trump's personal attorney in Manhattan federal court.

At the top of his show, Hannity first pondered whether or not he would even respond after his name was revealed in open court by Michael Cohen's own attorneys. He also seemed dismissive about the revelation, which came one week after Cohen's office was raided by the FBI as they sought information about payments made to women who have claimed to have had previous relationships with Trump.

"I've known Michael a long, long time. Michael never represented me in any matter. I never retained him. I never received an invoice…" Hannity said later in his show. "Not one of any issue I ever dealt with Michael Cohen on never, never involved a third-party."

As well as Hannity, Cohen has also represented Trump and former Republican National Committee deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy. Cohen's lawyers were attempting to have a special master conduct a review of the information seized from his office before federal investigators were able to scour them.

"We have been friends a long time. I have sought legal advice from Michael," Hannity initially told a Wall Street Journal reporter.

Hannity, who has long supported Trump and interviewed him more than a dozen times, defended Cohen on his radio show last week following news of the raid on his office and residence.

Hannity claimed Cohen had told him that he had never informed Trump about the $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

"I do remember Michael saying it publicly and saying to me at the time that, in fact, he never told the president about this, that it was something that he had pretty wide discretion on his own to handle matters without bringing it to his attention," Hannity said a week ago. "And it might seem unusual to most people but if you're a billionaire I guess it's not."

He also said that special counsel Robert Mueller, who's investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 election, was on a "fishing expedition" intent on finding anything he could.

A day later, Hannity followed up by stating Mueller had started a "war" against Trump.

"Robert Mueller has now officially gone rogue and declared war against the president," Hannity said on his primetime television show.

Hannity also had former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on his program comparing the Cohen raids to the Nazi's Gestapo police.

Hannity also made downplaying the raid on Cohen a frequent part of his Fox News show over the past week.

"Cohen was never part of the Trump administration or the Trump campaign," Hannity said just hours after the FBI raided Cohen's office and residence. "This is now officially an all hands on deck effort to totally malign and, if possible, impeach the president of the United States. Mueller and Rosenstein have declared what is a legal war on the president. And a source close to President Trump tonight is telling Fox News that Mueller's investigation is way out of control."

Hannity's vigorous defense continued the following night.

"Does anyone actually believe that a porn star and a former Playboy playmate that they're going to shed any light on potential collusion with Russia? The answer is of course not," Hannity said Tuesday in a segment that began with him describing the Mueller investigation as a "never-ending partisan witch hunt."

He added: "What people are not understanding here is when the special counsel raids the offices of the president's private attorney, Mueller is now basically backdoored his way into every single Trump business deal, at least since Michael Cohen has worked with Donald Trump."

Hannity did not let up Wednesday. "Living up to its anti-Trump reputation, the liberal mainstream media they've have gone totally off the rails over the FBI's highly questionable raid on Michael Cohen," Hannity said.

Hannity had guests on each night who came to the defense of Cohen and Trump. But the Fox News host continued to have plenty to say himself.

"So, now, it's actually moved into Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and the Access Hollywood tape and worse," Hannity said Thursday. "And raiding the home of the president's personal attorney to find those issues, not about Russia at some point, I am wondering where is the left in this country? Where are the civil libertarians in this country?"

This article has been updated to include further quotes from Sean Hannity.