War changes everything--even the Secret Society of Happy People. The not-so-secret group, which has more than 6,000 members worldwide in the United States, Zimbabwe, India, Iraq and 20 other countries, is best known for establishing Admit You're Happy Month, which is celebrated in August and recognized by 19 U.S. states. But national events have forced the group to rethink the event. "You had 9/11, our economy is changing and now we have a war going on," says Pamela Gail Johnson, who founded the society in 1998. Sounds pretty unhappy for a group of happy people, but it's not what you think. To combat world changes, the society this year made a sweeping change of its own, dumping Admit You're Happy Month in favor of National Happiness Happens Month. "The job is no longer to admit you're happy," Johnson says. "But to recognize that happiness still happens."

How to celebrate? The society's followers plan to wear silver sunglasses and pass out candy wrapped in silver foil-- every cloud has a silver lining. Or you can follow the leader. On Aug. 8--National Happiness Happens Day--Johnson's hosting a barbecue for the Dallas chapter. But you don't need to trek to Texas to channel a happy vibe. Just don't worry; be happy.