Best Memes Saying Jumanji to 2020 and Welcoming 2021 With Existential Dread

The year 2020 was one that many people were happy to see the back off, but people on Twitter were torn over 2021. Some were saying Happy New Year to what they were hoping would be a better year where a number of vaccines for the coronavirus could get life back to normal around the world. Others, however, realised the cold hard truth that January 1, 2021 feels pretty similar to December 31, 2020, with a global pandemic still raging.

This split was reflected in Twitter users' choice of memes, which were either of the "everything's going to be great" variety, or of the "the world is still a trash fire."

All the meme classics were carted out on either side. Drake was doing the "Hotline Bling" dance to the New Year, while others took to wrestling memes to make their feelings about 2021 known:

2021 memes
Many Twitter users used the classic Drake meme to welcome in 2021. Twitter

"I'm sure 2021 will be different"


— 90s WWE (@90sWWE) December 31, 2020

Hope for 2021:

— Marcus Vance (@MarcusCVance) December 26, 2020

Classic memes, meanwhile, were repurposed for the new times. Particularly popular was this meme from Lady Gaga's time on the Oscar campaign trail for A Star Is Born, which took on new meaning in 2020:

2021 goals:

— alluregaga (@alluregagaa) December 30, 2020

Then, of course, in typical Twitter fashion, the memes started to eat themselves, becoming a comment on the fact that other people were optimistic about 2021:

The world according to the internet

31/12/2020 1/1/2021
11:59:59 00:00:00

— Meme Girl! (@honeyqueen67) December 22, 2020

While some were looking forward to a better 365 days, others were looking back at exactly how wretched 2020 had been for them—and they did it via the classic sitcoms many have been binging as comfort watching all through the year:

by far the most accurate meme of 2020

— Jim Halpert (@JimHalpert__) December 31, 2020

a 2020 recap

— out of context brooklyn nine nine (@nocontxt99) December 31, 2020

2020 recap

— out of context that '70s show (@that70scontext) December 30, 2020

Twitter, however, did find a new way to see out 2020. The term "Jumanji" started trending on the social media site worldwide, as people said they were going to shout out the term at midnight—a reference to the movie franchise of the same name, in which if a character shouts the term at a certain time then the game and its many nightmares end.

Instead of “Happy New Year” we’re saying JUMANJI so we can get out of the 2020 game!!!

So call out it’s name...JUMANJI 2021

— J.R. Martinez (@iamjrmartinez) January 1, 2021

This then led to its own stream of memes, split between those who liked the idea of saying Jumanji at midnight and others trolling those people:

My reaction to the suggestion of yelling “Jumanji!” at midnight 🤔💡

— BM Luna (@LunaSundyEggo) January 1, 2021

if you and your family said jumanji...

— kenz 💜 (@iamnotkenz) January 1, 2021

This then got tied up to a trend that has emerged over the last few New Year's Eves: People starting movies at certain times so that relevant scenes played out as midnight struck.

If you start watching Jumanji at 22:29 tonight, you’ll hear #RobinWilliams shout JUMANJI at exactly midnight...then everything should go back to normal 🥂🍾🤞

— Rob (@robfielder1979) December 31, 2020

Here's one group who managed to time the Jumanji reboot so that the cast said the word as January 1 began.

We did it, @karengillan! 😃 The timing was spot on, too. #JUMANJI 🎉 #HappyNewYear 🥂 #NYE2021

— Mile High Brendan (@MileHighBrendan) January 1, 2021

Though some worried that 2021 would just be the year equivalent of Zathura, the lesser-known sequel to Jumanji that saw the cast having to go through a different but equally traumatic ordeal.

Hey so since we finished Jumanji I found this new space game we could play haha

— Zach17 (@Zach_1717) December 31, 2020

“2020 was like Jumanji but at least we done”


— Sarim 🇵🇰 (@IssaSadWeeb) January 1, 2021

It remains to be seen whether 2021 will be a fresh start for the world, or whether it will be the same as the last year but somehow set in a futuristic space world. Either way, Twitter is sure to be there with new and rehashed memes right through to 2022.