Harrison Ford's Reaction to a Magic Trick is Spectacular: 'Get the F*** Out of My House'

Harrison Ford's legendary reaction to a mind-blowing card trick is going viral online, with people branding him a "hero" for his delivery of a smooth one-liner.

The actor was being shown a card trick by magician David Blaine, who performed it in Ford's very own kitchen.

As calm as ever, Blaine tells the Indiana Jones star: "Think of any card in the deck. Great, hold the deck. You're thinking of a card? Do I know what card you're thinking of?"

Ford remains stoically silent throughout, watching Blaine intently, as he continues: "Your card just left the deck, just now. Look through the deck your card isn't there. Go ahead, look. It's not there. You won't see it there. It's nowhere."

As Ford shuffles the pack, Blaine says: "Here's what we'll do, do me a favour grab a piece of fruit for me, like one that we can open up. Yeah grab a piece of fruit, go ahead."

They pick up an orange, as Blaine asks: "Can we take a knife and cut it right there? Say your card out loud."

Finally Ford reveals the card he's been thinking of; the nine of hearts.

As Blaine slices into the fruit, he says: "See inside? See there's a card in the orange. See how there's one card inside? Please remove it. Take it out. Pull it out, open it out."

Ford unrolls a soggy-looking card, and holds it up to the camera to reveal it's the nine of hearts.

Gobsmacked, he says: "Get the f*** out of my house."

The trick was part of Blaine's 2013 TV special Real or Magic, which featured a host of famous faces.

The clip resurfaced after it was uploaded to TikTok earlier this week, and later went viral after being shared to Twitter, where it's since been viewed nearly two million times.

Fan Clarisse Loughrey captioned the video: "Please enjoy Harrison Ford watching a magic trick & then reacting in the only way Harrison Ford reacts to anything. Have you truly lived until Harrison Ford has told you to f*** off?"

Thousands of people have commented on the clip, praising Ford's reaction, as they claimed they wanted to set the soundbite as their doorbell.

Replying on Twitter, E Queen wrote: "I watch 4 times just to listen to Harrison Ford say "get the f*** out of my house" multiple happy times!"

Snark Force 1 reckoned: "There should be a law that Harrison Ford can only react to things like Indy or Han."

Alfredo Garcia wrote: "As soon as he tells him to say his card out loud you can see him thinking "my card better not be in that f****** orange."

"I want Harrison Ford say get the f out of my house as my ringtone," Socially Distant Cheryl admitted.

While Sooska V is for VACCINATED said: "I'm researching now how to add this to our doorbell responses."

Film fan Eephus Slurve pointed out: "He says 'nine of hearts' the same way he says 'you think I murdered my wife' in The Fugitive and it's messing with me."

While Simon Collins added: "'Indiana Jones and the Nine of Hearts' You just gotta love that voice. Harrison Ford my hero!"

Actor Harrison Ford at premiere
Actor Harrison Ford departs after the Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull Premiere at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st International Cannes Film Festival on May 18 , 2008 in Cannes, France. Ford's iconic reaction to an mind-blowing magic trick is going viral online. Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain