Harry Potter Fan Regrets Wearing Green on Studio Tour: 'Invisibility Cloak'

A Harry Potter fan was left regretting her decision to wear an all-green sweatsuit during a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London for an exhibition celebrating the franchise's films.

Wizarding enthusiast Hannah Walker took to TikTok to share a brief clip from her recent visit to The Making of Harry Potter show at Leavesden Studios in Watford, England.

But while the array of costumes, sets and assorted memorabilia left her enchanted, it was her choice of attire and the resulting photographs from her big day out that cast a spell over social media. It can be viewed here.


Wait for it…. And no, I didn’t know there was a green screen and it is called fashion xox

♬ Harry Potter's Parody - 加藤(食物繊維)

It's not uncommon for people to dislike pictures of themselves. According to psychologist Robert Zajonc, this is down to something termed "mere exposure effect."

Basically, as humans, we are so used to seeing the flipped image of ourselves on reflective surfaces, like mirrors, that a photograph showing us in our un-flipped state can appear strange and almost off-kilter.

However, in the case of Walker, she had more reason to be concerned than most. When she looked back at the photos from her day out, she noticed something was missing—her entire body.

The blunder was all to do with a technology known as "green screen," something of a game-changer for creating custom backgrounds or for compositing in special effects from the comfort of your home.

To utilize the effect, you simply shoot in front of a solid green-colored screen. Videographers are then able to digitally remove that green color in an approach known as "keying out," which then allows them to insert a background of their choice.

In the case of the Harry Potter exhibition, this would allow visitors to pose for a series of photos set against some of the most iconic settings from the franchise.

However, problems can arise, most notably in instances where someone happens to be wearing green. On that particular day, Walker wasn't just wearing a green sweater—she was decked out in an entirely green sweatsuit.

She said she only spotted this mistake later, by which time she had apparently already paid for the utterly bizarre pictures, which feature her as a mysterious floating head.

Thankfully for Walker, she was able to see the funny side and was only too happy to share the results online where viewers were equally amused.

Antirrhinumtheseus quipped, "Okay but this is actually just you with an invisibility cloak," in reference to a memorable tool utilized by Harry Potter in the films and books.

Kelsey Johnson was similarly amused, imagining Walker asking: "Where's my body gone?!"

Others like Elfyy, sympathized, writing: "I did the same when I had green hair at Camden zoo, i was BALD."

Some were naturally skeptical, as Carina Haylett said: "They show you the photos before you buy."

However, one user posting as mikachu____ had a theory behind that explaining: "I bet the staff was 'alright this girl wants to be with an invisible cloak i like it Picasso' and never bothered to tell you."

Judy Nguyen agreed, remarking: "If I was the staff, I would assume you did it on purpose. Maybe thats why they didn't tell you, they assume you know."

Even so, a few like HughMungus were still doubtful, writing: "you're a Harry Potter fan but don't know about green screen."

Sammiex5 leaped to Walker's defense, however, responding: "who would think that green would do that."

Whatever the truth, Walker isn't likely to forget her Harry Potter studio tour trip any time soon—and she's got the pictures to prove it.

Newsweek has contacted Walker for comment.

Harry Potter costumes and a green sweater.
A general view of the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios in Watford, England/ stock image of a woman in a green sweater. A fan of all things wizardry was left regretting their choice of attire during a visit to the exhibition. Jon Furniss/WireImage/AaronAmat/Getty