'Hogwarts Mystery' Update Brings Pets - Here's How to Get One

Pets have finally arrived in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Find out how to get and use your new companion, here.

It's been nearly two months since Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery devs teased the idea of pets in the game, but now they've finally arrived! According to a Jam City press release, a new update began rolling out Wednesday, June 27, giving players the option to adopt one or more new pet companions in the game.

"From the adorable boarhound puppy, Fang, to the feisty but devoted feline, Mrs. Norris, pets are a beloved part of life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Starting today, players of the mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, can have critters of their own! Selecting between the popular picks of Owl , Rat , Cat, and Toad, players can now choose a pet to join them in their adventures as a student at Hogwarts.

Players can own up to four pets in the game, one of each kind, which will lounge and nap in their house dormitory. Players can equip one animal friend at time, and a pet can join players at locations around Hogwarts and its grounds. In addition to companionship, pets provide players with an energy boost when they're awoken from slumber."

How To Get and Use Pets in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

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Pets are here! Jam City
  • Download the latest game update - in order to get a pet in the game you will need to update your game through your Google Play or Apple app.
  • Visit the Wardrobe Menu - Pets can be purchased for diamonds through the same menu where you purchase new outfits. Players who have completed year one will be able to purchase any of the four available pets. If you have not finished year one, your choices are more limited. Costs of pets are as follows:
    • Frog - 160
    • Cat - 215
    • Owl - 320
    • Rat - 160

How To Use Pets and Visit Dorm Room

Harry Potter hogwarts mystery update pets how to get frog cat owl rat energy points new features
Pets give free energy points in Hogwarts Mystery. Jam City

Once you have a pet, it will give you a free energy point at different times throughout the day -- similar to the hidden energy items throughout the game. Just look out for when you pet is sleeping. Once he or she is asleep, tap on the animal to awake it and earn your energy point.

Harry Potter hogwarts mystery update pets how to get frog cat owl rat energy points new features
You can now go to your dorm room to visit with pets at Hogwarts. Jam City

In addition to pets, players also have their own dorm room as well. To visit your dorm room, simply find your house common room and tap on it. You'll now see the option to go to your Dormitory. Visiting your dormitory mainly serves one purpose -- to visit your pets. If you choose to adopt more than one pet, all but the one you choose to follow you around Hogwarts will remain in your dorm room. To grab extra energy points from them, you'll have to check in on them in the dorm room.

Other Update Features: New Clothing Perks, Energy Refund and More

Harry Potter hogwarts mystery update pets how to get frog cat owl rat energy points new features
Buying clothes will now give you one-time attribute perks. Jam City

In addition to getting free energy from pets, the developers also added a couple tiny perks that should make players happy.

  • Clothing Perks - Players will now receive a one-time boost to an attribute when you purchase a clothing item. We purchased a sweater for 500 coins and received 60 points of courage -- not a bad perk for buying new digs!
  • Refunded Energy - One thing that can be pretty bothersome during a lesson is spending when you need 1-2 energy to finish a star but 4-5 energy activities are all that are available. The devs have made a tiny adjustment now that will refund excess energy used in a class at the end of it, allowing your energy reserves to stretch a bit further.
  • Dorm Room Quest Bonus - even if you don't buy a pet, every player should visit his or her dorm room. You'll get 50 empathy, 1 gem and 150 EXP points for doing so.