'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' Year 5 Released: New Characters, Classes, Locations and More

Hold on to your broomsticks Potterheads, Year 5 content for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game is here!

On Thursday, mobile game developer Jam City released an update that brings with it brand new Year 5 content. While players have thus far participated in the many rituals and routines of student life at Hogwarts, including buying textbooks at Flourish and Blotts, attending classes with iconic instructors such as McGonagall, Flitwick and Snape, and earning house points for the end of year House Cup award, starting today, players can add even more adventures to their Hogwarts Mystery experience.

According to a press release, Year 5 will be "the most rigorous year of studies yet" and will include important milestones in their training. For players who earned their prefect badges in Year 4, they will not only have the ability to proudly wear the badge, they'll also gain access to a new game location—the Prefect bathroom. In holding with the Harry Potter canon, students in Year 5 will be faced with one of the most challenging examinations yet — the Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.) exams.

The year certainly looks like an exciting one as players will also add Knockturn Alley to their game maps. Year 5 adds new classes and professors as well, including History of Magic Professor, Cuthbert Binns. A new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor will also be added in Year 5, but the identity of the instructor has yet to be revealed.

On the social side of things, players will make the acquaintance of more familiar characters from the Wizarding World, including more members of the Weasley clan.

"Year 5 is a pivotal year for any student at Hogwarts, said Amanda Heaton, Executive Producer at Jam City. "With the O.W.L. exams looming, new professors to navigate, and for some, a prefect badge on their robes, we wanted to reflect the rigors of this year in the mobile game ... Year 5 brings the most robust year of content yet to the game, and we're excited for players to start this new chapter."