'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Battle Guide - How to Attack, Defend, Fight with Friends and More (Beginner)

harry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
Started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but aren't sure how battles and Wizarding Challenges work? Here's everything you need to know about attacking, defending, fighting with friends and more. Niantic

A big part of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game focuses on casting spells and fighting battles, but the specifics of how it's done aren't always intuitive. In this guide we'll go over the many kinds of battles you'll encounter in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, plus tips and techniques for effective battling. This guide will primarily be geared towards beginning players, but we'll be providing a more in-depth battle and strategy guide for intermediate players soon, so be sure to check back.

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Beginner's Battle Guide - How to Attack, Defend, Fight with Friends and More

arry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
Traces battles are found by tapping on Traces on the Map. Niantic

Where to Find Battles

Players can jump into two different kinds of battles in Wizards Unite. The first can happen when you tap on Traces on the Map. You can also fight battles as part of a Wizarding Challenge found in a Fortress (castles with coral-colored roofs).

How To Master Spell Casting In Trace Battles

harry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
Tracing quickly and accurately will yield a more powerful attack. Niantic

There are two types of Battles that can happen when you tap on Traces, but the most common requires simply tracing the shape of a spell to cast it. The easiest way to perform these spells is to turn off the AR option (upper right-hand corner of the screen). Otherwise, you have to align yourself in a specific spot and point your camera in a specific place.

The quality of your spell casting will determine how effective it is against your enemy. You can check the quality of a spell you've cast by looking at the green bar at the top of the battle screen. Mastering spell casting isn't super hard, but it does take a bit of practice. Here are the main things to remember:

  • Trace to the End - To effectively cast a spell, you need to make sure your line begins at the lit-up starting point and ends at the arrow. If your line doesn't pass through the end of the arrow, it may not be counted at all, so getting as close to the shape as you can is important.
  • Cast Quickly - While casting a shape that's close to the given spell is important, casting quickly also plays a major role in improving the quality of the spell. If you move to slow while tracing, you won't get a great rating. We've actually gotten higher scores from focusing on speed rather than a near-perfect shape

What Are Wizarding Challenges? Battle Tips for Attack and Defense

The second type of battle you'll encounter is mainly found inside of Fortresses, though they'll occasionally happen inside of a Trace as well. These are called Wizarding Challenges. Wizarding Challenges are a great way to earn experience, fragments, and materials to rank up your registry collections. With these battles, you'll be casting spells to attack, but there are some additional steps not found in normal Trace fights. Here's are the steps for fighting foes in Wizarding Challenges and select Trace Battles.

How To Attack

harry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
Critical Attacks require speed and accuracy in a Wizarding Challenge battle. Niantic

There are two main pieces to fighting a battle. The first is knowing how to attack. Here's how to start an attack:

  • Tap on the wand on the screen.
  • Move the wand up to the circle found on the enemy's body
  • Hold the wand on the circle till it turns fully green. A spell pattern will appear
  • Trace the spell pattern as quickly as you can.
  • Pro Tip: You may notice a red dot somewhere on the spell trace line. If you cast quickly enough and run over that red spot, you will activate a critical attack, which does a higher amount of damage.

How to Defend

After attacking a foe, you need to be prepared to defend. You can't do multiple attacks in a row. The fight sequence will always be attacking, defending, attacking, defending until one of you loses. Defending is pretty simple. Once the defend prompt appears on the screen, quickly trace the pattern following through the arrow at the end. If you don't defend in time, you'll take a lot more damage, so be ready!

Trace Battles vs. Wizarding Challenges

Though the mechanics are the same for Trace Battles and Wizarding Challenges, the main difference between the two is that if you die in a Trace Battle, it's over. You'll need to take a healing potion to revive yourself before you try to fight another battle, but you can't go back to that foe and keep fighting. In a Wizarding Challenge, you are working off a timer. You have five minutes to finish a chamber level. If you die while fighting, you'll respawn after 30-seconds so the fight isn't over.

How to Add Friends and Start a Wizarding Challenge

harry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
You can share your friend code or add friends to your list from the Friends menu. Niantic

Wizarding Challenges can be completed alone or with friends. The harder they are, the better it is to have a group of pals to challenge with you. In order to add friends to your list in Wizards Unite, you'll either need to enter their code in your game or give them your code to enter in theirs. Here's how to find your code and add friends.

  • How to Add Friends - If you have a friend's code already simply tap on the icon with two wizards on the left-hand side of the main game screen and tap the Add Friends button. You'll see a box where you can enter his or her code.
  • How to Share Your Code with Friends - to share your code with friends, you'll go into the same menu as you use to Add Friends. There you'll see your code on the screen. You can copy the code or press the Share Button, that offers different options like texting or emailing.

Even if someone isn't in your friends list, they can still join you in a Wizarding Challenge. Here' how. All they have to do is be in the same location you are in when you start the challenge and joining within 30 seconds of the fight initiation. Here's how to start a Wizarding Challenge or join one:

harry potter wizards unite how to battle what are wizarding challenges attack fight add friends
Wizarding Challenges are found in Fortresses on the Map Niantic
  • Go to a nearby Fortress
  • Tap on the Chamber you want to enter.
  • Select a Runestone for the Challenge. The higher the number on the Runestone, the more difficult the challenge and the higher the reward. Choose wisely!
  • Once you've selected the Runestone, a countdown will begin. Others who want to fight with you will need to enter the same fortress and join your battle within the 30-second countdown to be included.

There are a lot of strategies that can be used when fighting in Wizarding Challenges — particularly with a group of friends. These include picking spells ahead of fights or deciding which foes each team member should battle based on their profession and skill focus. We won't go in-depth on those here, but keep an eye out for guides on those things in the future.