'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Professions Guide: Which Class is Right for You?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the latest game featuring the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling, has finally been released. The mobile augmented-reality experience is similar to Pokemon Go, and allows players to enter a universe where pieces of wood have been imbued with the power of a Phoenix and owls deliver mail. In the mobile game, the house you choose means fairly little. Instead, your profession plays a bigger role in how you'll want to approach the game.

harry potter wizards unite
Which Harry Potter: Wizards Unite profession is right for you? Niantic

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Professions

Professions can be unlocked at level six, and you'll be able to choose from three options: Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each has a skill tree with branches to unlock by earning Spell Books and Scrolls through play. These augment your power increasing stats like your stamina, power or focus.

You can switch classes any time you want, but any Scrolls or Spell Books you spend will not be refunded.

  • Aurors battle against dark magic and are led by the seriesprotagonist, Harry Potter. They are most effective against the Dark Forces but weak against Beasts, handling the wicked Death Eaters and nasty wizards who manage to escape from Azkaban. They have access to the Weakening Hex, The Bat-Bogey Hex and the Confusion Hex, which lowers enemy stats, They can also wield the Focus Charm, which grants Focus to an ally.
  • Magizoologists use their to help ally wizards deal damage in battle. Like Newt in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this class of wizard is all about dealing with Beasts but is weak against Curiosities. Led by Hagrid, this class handles the griffins and dragons while healing allies from damage.
  • Professors are led by Professor McGonagall and teach students how to wield magic properly. Strong against Curiosities but weak against the Dark Arts, this class is all about dealing damage and utility spells. This class has the most damage but very little endurance, making it harder to handle tough fights that last a long time.

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