'Have a Nice Day, the Music's Going to Play': Viral Video Captures Argument With Neighbor

A video showing a heated confrontation between a man and his alleged neighbor went viral on TikTok before it was subsequently uploaded to the Subreddit "PublicFreakout."

Posted to the TikTok account @secondfrog with more than 600,000 views, a man is recorded walking out of his front door asking a woman what she needed help with, but her response could not be heard.

"You are wasting your time," the man to the woman who was standing on the sidewalk. "Take your a** back to your house. You act as if we don't belong in this neighborhood? This neighborhood is a downgrade for me."

He continued and told the woman, who remained standing in one place, to return to her house and to "mind her own business."

"It's not against the law to play music in this country, OK?" the man said before he turned to go back inside the house.

The woman asked for a copy of the video, which spurred another retort from the man and another woman he was with.

"You look and sound stupid, Karen," the man said, using a term applied to white women who act obnoxious or entitled. He continued to tell her to go back to her own house before saying, "Have a nice day, and the music's going to play."

The exact reason why the woman approached the man is unclear, but the video implied it is not the first time the neighbors had an argument because the man said she "keeps" coming over to his house.

Neighbor Dispute
A viral TikTok showed an argument between a man and his alleged neighbor, leading to split opinions over the situation. Above, a stock image of a dispute between neighbors. JackF/Getty Images

According to a blog post published with East Coast West Coast Express, those with neighbors who frequently complain should ask for specific details about the issue and how it affected them. They should also check if the accusations are true and choose their words carefully when dealing with the situation to avoid escalating the conflict.

If the accusations aren't true, people are encouraged to explain why they're unable to comply with their neighbor's request. From there, the individual should keep a record of what they said and how the neighbor replies and potentially attempt to reach a compromise.

Opinions on the situation were divided across TikTok and Reddit.

"Yeah, the person who posted this video comes off super aggressive for someone asking them to turn down the music, in what might have been a polite way," a commenter wrote on Reddit. "All I see is a middle aged adult with a tiktok screaming at a quiet person and claiming that their neighborhood is a downgrade to an insult they made up in their head about not belonging to the neighborhood."

Some Redditors wondered what led up to the confrontation.

"Was the Karen being a Karen, or did the guy flip out without justification?" one person wrote.

A TikTok viewer wrote the woman was likely trying to come to a compromise with the man rather than calling the police.

"Loud music from a neighbor is super annoying. I guess just call the cops from now on...," a Redditor commented.

Although many Redditors wrote that the woman did not do anything wrong, TikTok viewers seemed to generally side with the man.

"People don't know how to mind their own business," one TikTok viewer wrote. "Thy shall love thy neighbor."

Another said they would have played the music louder.

One commented, "This is how everyone should speak to a Karen, I'm sick of people acting all nice with them."

Newsweek reached out to @secondfrog for comment.