Hawaii Severe Weather Live Updates: Shelters With Food, Medication, Bedding Open Across Hawaii

Live Updates

Hawaii is now a under a flood watch after heavy rain left parts of the state under the threat of "significant and life-threatening flooding," according to the National Weather Service.

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Hawaii Storm
Visitors play on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 7, 2021, as powerful winter tropical storm known as a Kona Low hit the Hawaii islands with heavy rain and high winds causing wide spread flooding and power outages across the state. Hawaii's Governor David Ige issued a state of emergency for all of the states islandson December 6. The National Weather Service reports the threat of catastrophic flooding as the storm system slowly moves from east to west. EUGENE TANNER/AFP via Getty Images

The live updates for this blog have ended

  • The live updates for this blog have ended

Catastrophic weather caused water rescues

The Oahu Department of Emergency Management reported cases of vehicle rescues, water evacuation requests, inundated homes and road closures.

"The H-1 freeway and several roads in town are experiencing considerable flooding, so limit travel wherever possible," the department said.

Tourists are stranded in Hawaii due to severe weather

Severe weather in Hawaii has left many tourists stranded.

Several people who had planned weddings had to abruptly cancel their plans as the threat of dangerous landslides and flash flash floods persisted.

Red Cross shelters open for those in need during storm

The Hawaii Red Cross shelters in Oahu and Hawaii Island remain open Tuesday for those in need of assistance during the heavy rainfall.

The shelters have emergency kits with medication, PPE, food and bedding.

Slow moving storms continue to threaten the Hawaiian state

After Hawaii Govenor David Ige issued a state of emergency on Monday night, weather officials warned that slow-moving thunderstorms, high winds and heavy rains could persist through Wednesday.

This came after power provider Hawaiian Electric was reported a significant electricity outage due to the severe storm in downtown Honolulu Monday evening.

Honolulu receives record rainfall levels Monday

Honolulu experienced record-high rainfall this week.

The island received 7.92 inches of rain Monday.

According to ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee, the average December rainfall for Honolulu is 2.18 inches.