Health: Loud and Clearer

Kim Nero of Saratoga, Calif., needed help with her hearing, but balked at the idea of hearing aids. "I'm 42. I don't want to look 82," she says. She stopped objecting after her audiologist prescribed the sleek new Delta aid from Oticon, Inc. ( ). The device is available in 17 shades--from Cabernet red to a leopard-skin pattern--but don't spend too much time picking out a color. When tucked behind the ear, the Delta is barely visible, except for the tiny clear tube that leads into the ear canal. More important, it boasts the latest technology, which enhances conversation while filtering out troublesome background noise. "It's the iPod of hearing aids--high tech, phenomenally small, in cool colors, easy to use," says audiologist John Miles of Los Gatos, Calif.

The Oticon Delta isn't for everyone. It costs up to $3,000 (double the price if you need two) and isn't suitable for people with severe hearing loss. But at least it proves that hearing aids aren't just for Grandpa anymore.

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