Last week's Food Marketing Institute show in Chicago revealed a new lineup of functional foods. A guide to the latest ingredients:

Plant sterols. "Evidence is very strong that they can help reduce total and LDL cholesterol," says the American Dietetic Association's Jeannie Moloo. The veggie compounds are in Yoplait's new Healthy Heart yogurt.

Higher fiber. You've seen foods with three or four grams per serving. But Kraft's new South Beach Diet frozen pizzas boast 14. Too much? No, but keep in mind the recommended daily amount is only 25 to 35 grams.

Choline. Touted in a new Kashi kids' cereal, this vitamin B-like nutrient helps with memory development, says the University of North Carolina's Steven Zeisel. For more info, search

Probiotics. Lifeway has long added these "good bacteria" to its kefir, a yogurtlike drink, and experts think they're catching on. Probiotics aid digestion, and Moloo recommends them for the lactose-intolerant.