Say Good-Bye to Ugly and Cumbersome Hearing Aids

The Silk Nx packs cutting-edge hearing aid technology into a design so small, it disappears inside your ear.

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Let's be honest, few people want to wear a hearing aid: There have been huge breakthroughs in the technology, but most people don't use them simply because most current models are still unweildy, obvious and unattractive. founders Marco Vietor and Paul Crusius wanted to change that: After years of research and development, they've teamed up with hearing-aid engineers from Siemens (now Signia) to come up with a game-changing auditory device: The Silk Nx by Signia packs cutting-edge technology in a design so small, it disappears completely inside the ear.

Hearing Aid 1
Virtually invisible, the Silk Nx sits comfortably inside your ear. In fact, many users say that people can’t even tell they’re wearing a hearing aid. Signia

The High-Tech Hearing Aid of the Future

The Silk Nx comes with smartphone connectivity, allowing users to control the device with their iPhone or Android. In addition, it uses a unique algorithm clinically proven to deliver better-than-normal hearing—with remarkable improvements in the ability to clearly understand speech, even in busy restaurant and other noisy environments.

"We can now offer amazing speech clarity and smartphone connectivity in a virtually invisible design," says Dr. Vietor. "And for a reasonable price!"

Hearing Aid 2
The Signia Silk Nx doesn’t look like any other hearing aid out there. It offers the best speech clarity and smartphone connectivity. Signia

As of January 2019, has partnered with more than 1,600 hearing-care specialists to ensure the Silk Nx is available across the U.S.

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With this level of innovation, is gaining momentum. Over the next few months, the company has plans to expand operations internationally. And with so many positive reviews on Trustpilot, it's clear is doing something right.

Check now to see if you qualify to test this revolutionary new hearing aid. Are you:

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