Owner Shares Heartbreaking Reason Why His Dog Sits in the Same Spot Outside

A dog owner has revealed the heart-breaking reason his puppy always sits in the same spot in the yard in a now-viral video, which is moving people to tears.

TikToker, Charles Ramil, shared a clip to the social media site, showing his Great Pyrenees puppy playing outside on the grass.

Charles, from Denton, Texas, filmed the cream pup always sitting in the same corner of the garden, near a gap in the fence.

He wrote: "We were wondering why he always stay at the same spot everyday. Then this happened."

The short clip shows a small hand and face appearing through the gap, as it appears the neighbor's kid wanted to pet the dog, which has its own Instagram account, called cloudavalanche.

It says: "I'm as white, round and fluffy as the [cloud]. Great pyrenees born on 01/12/20."

Charles filmed the pair playing together on numerous occasions, with his dog eagerly wagging his tail and jumping up to greet the child.

But Charles revealed the fence was suddenly repaired, saying: "One day our neighbors decided to block the space. It's been months now and he still goes there whenever he hears the kid."

Explaining in detail how it was fixed, Charles later added: "We just woke up one day and it was already there, they didn't ask permission to put it up. We just didn't mind it cause we don't like confrontations."

The emotional clip ends by showing the puppy, now one year old, patiently waiting by the fence where the gap used to be.

The moving video has since been watched more than 14 million times, as some people admitted they'd shed a tear over the pair's tender relationship.

TikToker wrote Arlensite: "Welp my heart is broken."

Delania Bolich admitted: "Not me tearing up over a fence."

Shycutebbq41 suggested: "Aww go over & ask if they wanna have a playdate for the kid & your dog."

Monica thought: "This is so sad, they need to be reunited."

JuicyBodyGoddess asked: "Why am I crying."

While Cassidy said: "Not me sobbing rn my heart just broke."

But Stevie Brun pointed out: "They probably were worried about your dog. They probably didn't want their son feeding him or causing trouble. Some people don't like kids."

Clarifying their relationship with the neighbor, Charles added: "Just fyi, our neighbors are the nicest persons ever. They might have just done it for the safety of our dog and the kids. They also see each other from time to time. They probably were just scared for the safety of their kid and our dog since the kid always throws his small toys on our side."

Stock image of a Great Pyrenees Dog
Stock image of a Great Pyrenees Dog laying on some grass. An owner's video revealing why his puppy sits in the same spot in the yard is going viral online. slowmotiongli/Getty iStock

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