Heartbreaking 'Toy Story' Fan Theory Leaves Internet Divided

A Disney fan has divided the internet after presenting a tragic fan theory for the true origins of Woody's relationship with Andy in Toy Story.

It's over 25 years since the groundbreaking Pixar Animation Studios production arrived on the big screen, ushering in a new era of computer-animated cinematic adventures aimed at children and adults alike.

The Toy Story franchise has been front and center for much of this period, with Disney and Pixar going on to produce a further three sequels.

While there is no word yet on whether fans will get to see a Toy Story 5, the films continue to be a source of much discussion on social media.

The latest example of this came on TikTok, where innovatorguy took to the platform to present his very own theory for the origins of Tom Hanks' character Sheriff Woody, the vintage cowboy doll and favorite toy of Andy Davis.

His favorite toy since kindergarten, in the later films Andy decides to pass Woody on to a little girl called Bonnie Anderson before Woody eventually strikes out on his own.

A plot development that tugs on the heartstrings, innovatorguy found a way to add an extra layer of emotional narrative to proceedings by theorizing that Woody is, in fact, the reincarnated spirit of Andy's deceased father.

He explains: "Andy's dad passed away when he was very young and Woody is actually his dad's spirit watching over him since he was little until one day he didn't need him anymore."

Famous on TikTok for his videos offering up wild and inventive fan theories on the existence of Mermaids to shows that used to be on Nickelodeon, each clip takes on a familiar format with innovatorguy pouring a brightly colored liquid into a glass while text and pictures appear on the screen explaining his thought process.

His Toy Story theory evidently struck a chord too with the video racking up more than 5.1 million views and counting since being posted earlier in September. The video can be viewed here.

However, it has proven somewhat divisive among Disney fans with some backing his claims while others appear skeptical. Guns_n_rose_0227 commented: "That's enough to make a man cry." All1esmal1bu said: "That's why he [Woody] said 'I'm never giving up on Andy.'"

Others took the theory further. JusticeWllBSrvd wrote: "Woody was Andy's dad's toy and when he got sick (Andy's dad) Woody was put away. When Andy's mom gave Woody to Andy, Woody believes." Imagoodtiktoker posited the idea that Buzz represents "his stepdad" and that is why "Buzz and Woody compete."

Not everyone was entirely convinced though. Jazelle Procario responded: "Would've made more sense if you said Woody was the toy his dad gave him before he passed which is why Andy keeps him even when he's in college." Imcrackedmyguy0 also asked: "So why don't Woody come alive around him?"

Toy Story may only be a cartoon but it's a source of warmth and nostalgia to many and not something to be trifled with.

In August, there was notable unrest among fans of the franchise after it was discovered that Woody toys were being sold with the name "Bonnie" on the boot rather than "Andy" as per the original film.

Back in 2020, the enduring appeal of Toy Story extended into the world of sneakers where a special pair of Reebok trainers featuring Woody and Buzz went on sale, much to the delight of fans.

Newsweek has contacted innovatorguy for comment.

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"Toy Story 4." Directed by: Josh Cooley. Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Joan Cusack. Release date: June 21, 2019. In the fourth installment of the Pixar series, Woody and Buzz go on a quest to find Woody’s girlfriend, Little Bo Peep. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures