'Hearthstone' All-Star Squad Tavern Brawl Guide: Pogo-Hopper is Broken (For Once)

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is "All-Star Squad," but it's definitely not for the pro leagues. Players pick a class and a single card, which makes up the majority of the card you use, with the rest being from a random class cards. Like a lot of the older Tavern Brawls, this one has very little strategy and is all about having enough luck to climb your way to the top. You can be creative and use cheeky cards that give you joy, but you will inevitably lose. Just get your pack and move on with your life!

tavern brawl pogo hopper all-star squad
Pogo-Hopper bounces its way into S-tier for this tavern brawl Blizzard

All cards in this game mode are trash except one: Pogo-Hopper. Every time a new one is summoned, the minions gain an extra +2/+2 in stats. This mediocre mech has never quite found a place in constructed or arena play since you need so many in order to get value from the card. When your whole deck is built around having dozens of these bunny boys, it's very easy to get that value. Pulling out an 11/11 by turn five and hoping your opponent doesn't have one of their own to counter is the main way to win. Going on turn two with Coin, you'll have the upper hand as long as you draw your Pogos.

Now, there are those brave enough to challenge the Pogo-Hopper squad. Shaman with Earth Shock can do fairly well in the matchup, killing your enemies whenever they summon those cheeky little robots. While silencing enemies, you can use Thrall's Hero Power to build an army of totems that slowly chips away at the enemy's health. Doing one damage a turn takes a long time to win, but sometimes a cheesy strategy is worth the time investment. Frost Nova with Mage is also a valid option but struggles whenever that spell isn't in hand or the enemy somehow manages to get a Deadly Poison.

This Brawl is definitely not one of the best or most well-designed. It's basically a game of rock-paper-scissors to see which player gets the stronger Hopper first. Get your pack with a Pogo-Hopper deck and move on to anything else. The actual Hearthstone meta is more vibrant and fun than ever, so we suggest building an Aggro Hunter instead of wasting your time in the Tavern.

Are you using Pogo-Hopper, or are you trying to be creative for this Brawl? Tell us in the comments.