'Hearthstone' Ashes of Outland Best Decks: Bow Down to Demon Hunter

Ashes of Outland has officially been released, giving Hearthstone players a much needed card injection to Azeroth's CCG. With their Year of the Phoenix rotating out three of the game's most problematic expansions, now was a perfect time to get the meta just right and create a fun and engaging meta. Though it's still very early in the life cycle of the meta, it's starting to feel like the newly released Demon Hunter might be a bit overpowered. With a massive amount of card draw, board removal and powerful minions, Illidan seems to be on top of the competition. That doesn't mean other classes don't stand a chance, with Mage and Hunter both having seemingly viable archetypes.

hearthstone ashes of outland best deck list
Illidan is coming for you with this expansion Blizzard

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Deck Lists

Demon Hunter

Starting us off, here are two of the most consistently powerful Demon Hunter decks I've had the misfortune to pilot. Hearthstone pro Muzzy climbed to the top of Legend on launch day with this Demon Hunter build, utilizing the consistent power of the Demon draw engine. Though it might not be as flashy as the other option, it only uses the most consistent cards in the class.

First attempt at demon hunter. Immolation Aura and Aldrachi Warblades helps race.

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— muzzy (@muzzy_HS) April 7, 2020

But if you are looking for something with a bit more flair, then this Demon Hunter deck is perfect for you. Kael'thas Sunstrider with Twin Slices and zero cost Eye Beams allows you to play Inner Demon and Skull of Gul'dan for no cost. If you don't draw your combo, games against aggro decks can be a bit harder to win, but that doesn't make it any less powerful.

2x (0) Twin Slice

1x (1) Consume Magic

2x (2) Chaos Strike

2x (2) Immolation Aura

2x (2) Spectral Sight

2x (3) Aldrachi Warblades

1x (3) Altruis the Outcast

2x (3) Eye Beam

1x (4) Kayn Sunfury

1x (4) Maiev Shadowsong

2x (5) Chaos Nova

2x (5) Imprisoned Antaen

1x (5) Metamorphosis

2x (5) Skull of Gul'dan

2x (5) Wrathspike Brute

1x (6) Kael'thas Sunstrider

2x (7) Priestess of Fury

2x (8) Inner Demon

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Beast Hunter

If Demon Hunter spam isn't for you, try this Hunter list. Utilizing the big bad Beasts introduced in this set, Rexxar honestly has some serious bite. Scavenger's Ingenuity is a god-send for Beast Hunter, who can draw a massive Augmented Porcupine that can be played on turn three. If the Beast stays around, dropping a Mok'Nathal Lion next turn deals even more damage. It isn't the best deck against control that can clear your minions with ease, but that shouldn't stop you from testing it out. This one can also be built on a budget by replacing Octosaru and Beastmaster Leoroxx with Freeze Trap or Deadly Shot.

2x (1) Helboar

2x (1) Tracking

2x (2) Fresh Scent

2x (2) Scavenger's Ingenuity

2x (3) Animal Companion

2x (3) Augmented Porcupine

2x (3) Diving Gryphon

2x (3) Kill Command

1x (3) Zixor, Apex Predator

2x (4) Escaped Manasaber

2x (4) Mok'Nathal Lion

2x (4) Scrap Shot

2x (5) Tundra Rhino

2x (6) Savannah Highmane

1x (8) Beastmaster Leoroxx

1x (8) Octosari

1x (10) Nagrand Slam

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hearthstone ashes of outland best deck list
Raid the Sky Temple is a worthwhile Quest Blizzard

Spell Mage

One of the most powerful and consistent decks in this expansion has to be Spell Mage. Using Raid the Sky Temple to build up your hand, combined with Font of Power and Learn Draconic, there are very few decks that can keep up. Deep Freeze is amazing Demon Hunter, but be prepared to see archetypes pop up solely to beat Reno and his Mage friends.

2x (1) Font of Power

2x (1) Learn Draconic

2x (1) Magic Trick

1x (1) Raid the Sky Temple

2x (1) Ray of Frost

2x (2) Ancient Mysteries

2x (2) Frostbolt

2x (2) Incanter's Flow

2x (3) Arcane Intellect

2x (3) Flame Ward

2x (3) Netherwind Portal

1x (4) Conjurer's Calling

2x (4) Fireball

2x (5) Apexis Blast

1x (5) Rolling Fireball

2x (8) Deep Freeze

1x (10) The Amazing Reno

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