'Hearthstone' Ashes of Outland Card Reveal: Ysiel Windsinger Makes Spells Cheap (EXCLUSIVE)

Ashes of Outland is the latest expansion coming to Hearthstone, introducing 135 new cards into the game's rotation. Full of imprisoned demons, angry eternals and a fair share of extra souls, this new round of DLC is sure to excite even the most dormant of card game aficionados With a few weeks left until its release, Blizzard gave Newsweek a special opportunity to reveal one of the more unique Legendary minions in the set, Ysiel Windsinger.

hearthstone ashes of outland ysiel windsinger reveal
Ysiel Windsinger is coming in Ashes of Outland Newsweek

In World of Warcraft, Ysiel Windsinger leads the Druids of the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh and is a high-level NPC. For her Hearthstone debut, game designers took inspiration from one of Malfurion's classic Legendary minions: Aviana. Changing the cost of spells to one mana can be incredibly lucrative, especially considering Druid has many high-cost spells

In the Standard rotation, you can pull off some pretty disgusting combos with this new Legendary minion. On turn 10, a smart Druid player might drop Ysiel and then use Nourish to gain back three mana to use three more spells. Combine that effect with the Untapped Potential Quest, and you get an extra three cards on top of your mana. Spells like the Forest's Aid and Hidden Oasis give you a massive board that needs to be cleared. It will be difficult to keep Ysiel around for more than one turn, though, so expect to get all your combos out at once or not at all.

In Wild, Ysiel is even more powerful. Being able to use Ultimate Infestation and get two 5/5 minions to keep your board safe will make you quite the formidable opponent. Pulling a Tree of Life to heal each player back to full isn't a good way to win, but it is a funny tactic to keep the game going.

Ysiel Windsinger might not be the best minion in the set, but she has potential. Future Druid cards may be able to capitalize on her unique ability to make spells dirt cheap. If you see a high-cost spell that fills your board, hand or mana pool, expect to see this Night Elf in your games. Aviana at one point was considered one of the most powerful minions in the game allowing combos with Star Aligner, forcing Hearthstone's developers to nerf her. If a similarly sick combo is discovered for Ysiel, she may have to be nerfed to maintain the meta.

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland launches on April 7 on mobile and PC.