'Hearthstone' Balance Changes Revert Buffs to Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Extra Arms and More

Saviors of Uldum has been out for a few weeks in Hearthstone, and the meta has started taking shape. Mages with one cost Sea Giants have dominated the ladder, while warriors have used Dr. Boom to have a nearly unlimited supply of rushing mechs. The game scene is similar to what it was before Uldum, with the exception of Murloc Paladin decimating with Tip the Scales.

hearthstone balance changes
Luna's Pocket Galaxy is back to being 7 mana Blizzard

Blizzard developers have taken notice of the lack of diversity and have just released a new blog post with nerfs to major cards. Right before the set launched, buffs were given to Luna's Pocket Galaxy and Extra Arms to help Mage and Priest compete on the ladder. Those buffs made Elemental Mage and Buff Priest insanely powerful, consistent and deserving of change.

Here's the full list of balance changes coming in the August 26 update:

Luna's Pocket Galaxy- five mana > seven mana

Conjurer's Calling- three mana > four mana

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - seven mana > nine mana

Extra Arms - two mana > three mana

Barnes- four mana > five mana

Some of these nerfs have been a long time coming. Dr. Boom has been a nasty menace that provides a ridiculous amount of value for such a low cost. I've lost countless times before hitting turn 10 because of Omega Assembly pulling in Omega Devastator that now has Rush. This nerf won't neuter Warrior, but it should make playing against Garrosh a little less painful.

The Elemental Mage archetype might be dead after this nerf. The consistency of having a board with four 8/8 minions is what makes the deck so strong. Making it harder to play Luna's Pocket Galaxy early, combined with the inability to curve out Khadgar and two Conjurer's Callings, makes it feel like the archetype is done for you. It's unfortunate that I crafted Khadgar and a Luna's to play the deck this week. If you want to know when a deck will be nerfed, just wait until I craft those cards.

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