'Hearthstone' Battle of Tol Barad Tavern Brawl Guide: Best Decks to Use this Week

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is the "Battle of Tol Barad" and is one of the harder game modes to win. Players need to build their own decks in the Wild format and will get a zero cost spell for each minion they play. These spells would normally cost the same as the minion you play but are incredibly discounted. For example, if you play a Blazing Battlemage, you can get any one-cost spell from any class. A Rain of Fire might help you in the early game but a Bestial Wrath might be entirely useless.

hearthstone tavern brawl battle of tol barad
The Battle of Tol Barad is this week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Blizzard

Tol Barad is a zone in World of Warcraft that is a massive PVP zone that also just happens to be a pretty powerful prison. Complete with mage guards and a collection of some of the more powerful demons and beasts in the game, this locale is brimming with magic. Though Hearthstone has very little involvement in the lives and worlds of Azeroth, it's nice to see a little cross over, even if it is in just the title alone.

The Brawl itself is kind of tricky and very luck reliant, with skill going into how you decide to play your minions and use your spells. Having cards from expansions like Naxxramas and the Witchwood at your disposal allows you to get really creative with your deck building. If you want to spam the board with low cost minions to get a massive hand of spells, that is a viable course of action. If having an Odd Palain with Baku the Mooneater seems more fun, then absolutely go for it.

While play testing this Brawl, I noticed that classes with access to powerful low cost minions and board clear do the best. Paladin and Warlock are definitely valid options but Demon Hunter is by far the most consistent. Having some of the best one and two mana minions in the game, it only makes sense for Illidan to be a top contender. Combine those powerful pip squeaks with Altruis the Outcast and there's a combo with serious damage potential. All those zero cost spells can be combined with Altruis to stack up damage with nearly no mana cost.

Here's the deck list I have been using, but feel free to tweak it as much as you need. Budget versions without Altruis or Metamorphosis work fine and are mildly consistent. This Wild Mech Paladin will also work wonders if you'd prefer something a little less flashy.

2x (0) Twin Slice

2x (1) Battlefiend

2x (1) Blazing Battlemage

2x (1) Crimson Sigil Runner

2x (2) Netherwalker

2x (2) Sightless Watcher

2x (2) Spectral Sight

1x (2) Umberwing

2x (3) Eye Beam

2x (3) Satyr Overseer

1x (4) Altruis the Outcast

1x (4) Kayn Sunfury

1x (5) Metamorphosis

2x (6) Imprisoned Antaen

2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan

2x (7) Priestess of Fury

2x (8) Coilfang Warlord

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