'Hearthstone' Fire Festival 2019 Tavern Brawl Guide: Blackrock Crash Week 1 Bosses Are Here

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl starts the Blackrock Crash month. This Tavern Brawl is a Dungeon Run where you pick one of the main villain from The League of Shadows and try to defeat eight bosses in a row. Here is what you should expect to face and a list of all the bosses you'll need to conquer to earn those sweet card packs. Defeating all eight bosses will get you the Ragnaros card back. If you do it in under 40 minutes will grant you a Golden Recurring Villain Scheme card (from one of the four you'll be playing) and defeating in under an hour will give a Golden Bronze Herald.

blackroch crash fire festival 2019
Blackrock Crash week 1 is the current Tavern Brawl Blizzard

Blackrock Crash Week 1 Villains

Here are all the classes you can play in Blackrock Crash. If you are looking for an easy win, picking Dr. Boom is your best bet. His hero power floods the enemy deck with bombs, ending the game in a matter of lucky turns. Dr. Boom's Boombox is also incredibly powerful and really clears the board.

Lazul: one mana- Soothe: Give a minion -2 attack until your next turn.

Hagatha: two mana- Evolution: Transform a friendly minion into one that costs (1) more

Dr. Boom: one mana- Overmine: Shuffle two bombs into your opponent's deck.

Togwaggle: two mana: Steal a card from your opponent's class

Once you pick a hero, you'll need to defeat eight bosses before you can earn those card packs. Unlike the regular Dungeon Run, these bosses will not appear in a random order so you know who you are facing. It will take a few tries to complete but eventually you'' get lucky and win. Here are all the bosses from the run, and some tips that hopefully help you win.

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Blackrock Crash Week 1 Bosses

Highlord Omokk- ME SMASH- one mana- Destroy a random damaged enemy minion

The first boss in this Dungeon Run is fairly easy. His deck is all about dealing direct damage and will end you before turn six. Just deal as much damage as you can before the hard bosses come.

baron geddon hearthstone fire festival
You can beat Baron Geddon if you play smart Blizzard

Baron Geddon- Ignite Mana- 0 mana- Deal five damage if your opponent has unspent mana.

Use all your mana each turn and this shouldn't be a problem. Losing to Barron is hard since his deck is fairly easy to take down. Just don't fall for the trap of playing off curve and you should be good.

Omnotron Defense System- 2/4/6/8 mana- Summon a robot.

Omintron summons a robot minion, upgrading it each turn. Arcanotron has spell damage, Toxitron deals onedamage to all minions and Electron makes spells cost three less. This robot can be difficult if you let his minions get out of control. Just keep your board full of hefty minions whil;e dealing direct damage to his android body.

Garr- one mana- Deal one damage to all minions

This is the hardest boss in the first half of the run. He keeps defeating me using his row of 0/5 Firesworn rock monsters that deal damage equal to the amount of his minions that die this turn. DO NOT play Boom Bots when he has a board of minions. You will lose when his AOE Hero Power wipes the board. Just play it slow and safe; that's the only way to secure a victory

Atramedes- Echolateone mana-- Equip a weapon that gains one attack for every card your opponent plays.

This angry dragon uses little dragon minions to build a board while powering up it's own weapon. Make sure to not go crazy and let his weapon get to powerful and you should be totally fine. He has a lot of bark but lacks bite.

hearthstone fire festival tavern brawl
Nefarian is a hard boss when luck is on his side Blizzard

Nefarian- Wild Magic- one mana: Put a random spell from your opponent's class into your hand.

This dragon uses other dragons to do his bidding. Get used to seeing Blackwing Corrupters like it's 2016 all over again. Just make sure not to over extend and trade at the right times and you should move on to the next boss.

Vaelastrasz The Corrupt- Essence of the Red- 0 mana: Each player draws two cards.

If you are playing as Boom, this can either be easy or impossibly hard because he can draw your cards or overdraw them so they do nothing. This game won't last very long since both players quickly draw through their decks.

Ragnaros The Firelord- Molten Rage- one mana: Summon a 5/1 Magma Rager

The big bad final boss is no joke. He comes equipped with Sulfuras, a weapon that changes his Hero Power to deal eight damage to an enemy once it's been destroyed. He's the same boss that you've seen in other Tavern Brawls and requires a good amount of skill. His Molten Giants will come down if you whittle him down to quickly but you'll also perish in flames if you let him go on to long.

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