'Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble' Final Card Reveal Live Stream: Dragons, Lynx and Trolls

The final card reveal live stream for the latest Hearthstone expansion Rastakhan's Rumble just wrapped up. Lead designer Dean Ayala and streamer darling Brian Kibler made their quarterly appearance on the Hearthstone Twitch channel to show off a good chunk of the cards left in the expansion. The last 20 or so cards left to be revealed in the 135-card expansion will be put up on Facebook in the coming hours.

If you are dying for a chance to play the new expansion early, check to see if there's a Fireside Gathering taking place near you. These exclusive events taking place around the world allow players to open and play with their packs days before the expansion's official release. Check the Fireside Gathering website to see if you can play at a Tavern Brawl.

To celebrate the launch of the expansion (and to entice players), Blizzard will give players a few free cards and packs. When players log-in on Dec.4, they'll get six free packs of the new expansion, a free Legendary Loa card and two Spirit Cards from the same set. The Loa are the most powerful Beasts in the expansion, and could be the backbone of a deck. Halazzi, the Lynx was revealed during the stream, which fills your hand with 1/1 minions with Rush. Having a full army of fluffy cats sounds like a perfect board to me.

You can also get another free pack by picking a team to cheer on.

Dragons Roar and Dragonmaw Scorcher

After this card reveal, it's clear that Dragon Warrior will be a powerful archetype. Dragon Roar adds two random Dragons to your hand, allowing you to build up cards for War Master Voone to copy. Dragons are already one of the strongest archetypes in the game, with Bone Drake being a top-tier option in Arena. Getting an extra Ysera or a free Onyxia can completely change the tide of a battle.

"For Dragon Roar, we wanted to give Warrior a cheap way to get Dragons to duplicate with Voone and activate other Dragon Battlecry effects," Hearthstone Associate Game Designer Keaton Gill told Newsweek. "Since Dragon Roar gives you two Dragons, any Dragon you get off of it will have its Battlecry available immediately."

Combine that with the new Dragonmaw Scorcher and his terrifying board clear and it's clear Dragons are going to be strong this meta. "Dragonmaw Scorcher offers a decent way for any class to access a whirlwind effect (good against Odd Paladin for example), while also being a solid Dragon option for Dragon-focused decks," Gill added.

Here are all the cards revealed on the live stream:


Former Champ Blizzard
Moshogg Enforcer Blizzard
ornery tortoise
Ornery Tortoise Reddit


Dragon Roar Blizzard


Bloodclaw Blizzard
flash of light
Flash of Light Reddit


Bloodsapper Blizzard


Spirit of the Lynx Blizzard
Halazzi, the Lynx Blizzard
Headhunters Hatchet Blizzard


Serrated Tooth Blizzard


Pounce Reddit

What's your favorite card in Rastakhan's Rumble ? Let us know in the comments.

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