'Hearthstone' Clockwork Card Dealer Tavern Brawl Guide: Which Deck Has the Best Curve?

This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is "Clockwork Card Dealer," giving players a card to play on every turn. This is the fourth time we've seen this Brawl since its inception, but the first time we've had access to it during this Standard rotation. Players build a normal, Standard deck and then draw cards that can be played on curve. For example, on turn one you will draw a one-cost card, on turn two a two-cost, etc.

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What's the best deck to use in Clockword Card Dealer Blizzard?

The mode itself is super fun and adds an element of speed that Hearthstone rarely has. Since you have a card to play on every turn, there's always something to do. You'll never have to wait to play your minions or spells, giving you a chance to be proactive or reactive to opponent's plays. Playing against the same Fatigue Warrior deck on ladder over and over can be boring, but you won't be seeing much of Grommash in this mode. Decks that can deal high amounts of damage as quickly as possible reign supreme, like Bomb Hunter.

Best Hearthstone Clockwork Card Dealer Deck

You can play pretty much any popular meta deck in this game mode and perform well enough. Token Druid has a strong early game that can flood the board no problem and Mech Warrior can survive for ages. Even with those options, there's still only one deck that can absolutely decimate the competition: Bomb Hunter.

Using a huge board of Goblin Bombs that can be buffed with a huge array of Magnetic minions will make you feel all-powerful. Drawing Mecharoo, followed by Galvanizer and then Bronze Gatekeeper is just fun to do. You'll always have a strong minion on the board, dealing massive amounts of damage by turn five with an equipped Wargear. If the opponent has started to set up a board of their own, just slap down a Missile Launcher and watch those tiny minions dissapear.

Here's the deck list I've been using, though you can replace a few of the Legendary minions with minions of the same cost.

Deck List:

2x Mecharoo

2x Fireworks Tech

2x Galvanizer

2x Upgradeable Framebot

2x Venomizer

2x Bronze Gatekeeper

2x Spider Bomb

2x Ursatron

2x Explodinator

2x Replicating Menace

2x Wargear

1x Zilliax

2x Missile Launcher

1x Oblivitron

1x Boommaster Flark

1x Da Undatakah

1x King Krush

1x Mecha'thun

Deck Code: AAECAR8G+Ajh9QLx+wKggAOLigPxlgMMpfUC4vUC7/UCufgCkfsCmPsCqPsC9v0C1/4CiYADzIEDtpwDAA==

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